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Monday, February 26, 2007

America's Leadership Chose Defeat

America's leadership chose defeat, and was not "baited" into anything.

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Ref: This argument does not hold water: The US is losing because we were baited into winning an unwinnable war.

Pretending Americans were "baited" into something is the same denial and lack of responsibility which the world did not correctly assign to and enforce against the Germans after WWI. Iraq, not this President, was contained.

These were conscious decisions. Nobody makes American leaders do things unless that leadership agrees to be complicit, or refuses to do what it should.

* * *

No, the US is losing in Afghanistan because: We did not secure the victory, and let the gains get squandered. We transitioned troops prematurely. We did not mobilize for the "big fight" we're asked to believe is required.

As to Iraq, the US chose to:

1. Started something unrelated to the mandate of Sept 2001.

2. Start an illegal war of aggression;

3. Not fully support the military requirements to lawfully win;

4. Ignored the real requirements to secure the Peace; and

These are active choices, not things that we suddenly woke up and realized -- "Wow, we''ve got an illegal war. How did that happen to US?!?

* * *

Ruse: Explaining away Iraq quagmire with unrelated "trap" of 9-11.

It's non-sense to pretend that the "great genius" of ALQueda "forced" the US into Iraq, unless you're arguing that Bush and Cheney are working with AlQueda, as appears to be the case.

America wasn't "stuck" in Afghanistan before Iraq: America was making gains, and defeated the enemy. The problem was that those gains were not solidified; and we did not deliver.

It may be true that someone had a goal to do something; but the US had to be complicit with that plan.

___ How much debt is required?

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Nobody forced America to do anything. Americans freely chose to:

A. March to war;

B. Not secure the gains;

C. Consolidate world support; and

D. Show that the American model of governance is superior.

* * *

It may have been true that an objective of some on 9-11 was to bait the US; but the US did respond, was winning, until the US chose to embrace defeat.

The enemy cannot take all credit for what was beyond their imagination the US would blunder. The other side of the story is the responsibility which America's leadership refuse to impose at home.

Other entities are lawfully able to discipline the US government if US official refuse to assent to the rule of law.