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Sunday, February 25, 2007

President, Vice President Affirmatively Linked to AlQueda

Ref ( h/t ) Map This puts it all together for you: Cheney is funding AlQueda. Now that the Preident and Vice President have been linked with AlQueda, puts quite a different spin on their spin: Which side are they on; and who are they to point fingers or deny other rights?

Questin is: Will Congress act now act based on the information; or will it require, as it did after 9-11, evidence of government complicity before it realizes what is going on.

The problem is the President and Vice President. The answer is a war crimes tribunal. How we get there is a question Congress has less control, and becomes more of the problem.

Recommendation: Speaker needs to get an independent review of the Vice President's illegal activity, and unlawful use of American intelligence resources. [ Oversight Questions ]

Before you decide to do nothing, think about someone very important: Sam -- this is for him.

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Convoluted thinking. Illusory conflict. Projection.

Oscar night.

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Ref Evidence showing Vice President misled the Grand Jury to protect his global, secret armies from Congressional oversight.

Ref President and Vice President involved with plot to fabricate evidence to commit war crimes against American civilians.

Ref Evidence showing US abuse of prisoners has not produced effective combat results.

Ref The objective of classifying information was not to protect sources, but to hide illegal activity the President and Vice President are actively involved and organizing to undermine American security and Constitution.

Ref US government exercises used as cover to plan and implement violent attacks on American infrastructure and civilians.

Ref US combat troops know they are following illegal orders. When will Congress compel members of the military to reaffirm their oath?

Ref Continuing to stretch the law beyond what was intended to support illegal warfare abroad, and putting American civilians at risk.

Ref The United States is creating an illusory enemy in Syria and Iraq as a distraction from America's powerlessness to inspire by example.

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Convoluted Thinking

The following from here is well written, but shows the Lebanese leadership is using flawed logic.

Note the following in the passage below:

___ Assertions that "Iran or Syria" will turn Lebanon into a theater; but without mentioning the complicity with that effort

___ Pretending that something in the future -- a speculative conflict, may or may not happen -- while ignoring the President problem: There's no stability, there is a conflict, and the Lebanese are allowing AlQueda to operate.

___ Incorrectly linking the "way forward" to whether Hezbollah is or is not controlled, managed, or negotiated with.

___ Pretending that there might be consequences for some future uncontrolled activity; without admitting that the activity has happened, and the consequences are real today.

___ Pretending that the success in stabilizing the situation -- working with Iran or Syria -- is a problem.

In an interview in Beirut, a senior official in the Siniora government acknowledged that there were Sunni jihadists operating inside Lebanon. “We have a liberal attitude that allows Al Qaeda types to have a presence here,” he said. He related this to concerns that Iran or Syria might decide to turn Lebanon into a “theatre of conflict.”

The official said that his government was in a no-win situation. Without a political settlement with Hezbollah, he said, Lebanon could “slide into a conflict,” in which Hezbollah fought openly with Sunni forces, with potentially horrific consequences. But if Hezbollah agreed to a settlement yet still maintained a separate army, allied with Iran and Syria, “Lebanon could become a target. In both cases, we become a target.”

The argument is circular: They're pretending regardless the events, solutions, or circumstances that it is a loss, defeat, and setback.

Small problem: The United States is funding AlQueda. This is a manufactured problem, disguised as a solution, and then the responsibility for the consequences are being assigned to American opposition without evidence.

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The real problem is the American government refuses to confront the President for his war crimes.

It's too late to wish Saddam were back.

How Cheney-eseque: To defeat Iran, the US is supporting the enemies of the United States and Israel. That's how 9-11 supposedly got fueled, not to mention the backlash against America when it didn't follow through.

Unable to deny the victory of Hezbollah in defeating the poorly led Israelis, the US hopes to go after the messengers of the American-Israeli problems: The popular leadership who prevailed.

"We never imagined. . ." that the world might oppose the US abuse of power. Iran is a paper tiger: But it is a bigger paper tiger than the United States.

The US doesn't like to be reminded of its incompetence. The issue isn't Iranian power, but the rude reminder that the Vice President is incompetent.

The US is acting like a spoiled brat, throwing mud, unable to solve problems, so it's going to make a mess for everyone. How unimpressive.

Arguing that "partitioning" counties will leave Israel surrounded by "peaceful, tranquil countries" is illusory. When outsiders force people to move and draw arbitrary boundaries, that causes a problem: Look at Africa.

The US is chasing one fantasy after another because the US will not admit: It is reckless, incompetent, and powerless to stop the world from standing up to its abuse.

As with the Untied States government, the Vice President points to the problems he creates, and says its is someone else's fault, responsibility.

The US needs to stop pretending that the world is in a formal alliance to destroy America. No, the alliance is to impose consequences on the American government for its reckless abuse of power.

Another Cheney Mess. How soon until Cheney is hauled before Congress either as a witness or as a defendant.

The President doesn't' have the lawful authority to issue orders to anyone when the President's conduct is putting American civilian lives at risk.

If the Vice President wants to use AlQueda to indirectly attack Iran, then the Vice President has, by his actions, openly admitted he's working with the avowed enemies of the United States in violation of the laws prohibiting support for terrorism.

No President or Vice President can argue he should be above the law ever. TH reckless results of Iraq is evidence of what happens when Americans create fiction, violate laws, and pretend they alone have solutions.

The law is their as a guide. The question is what happens, despite the law, the American leadership refuses to assert their oath, American civilian are put at risk, and the US leadership supports America's enemies to fight phantom enemies.

Cheney and the President are directing this problem. The error is to watch the smoke from the Middle East. Congress needs to, as it failed to do with Iran-Contra, implement some structural changes to prevent this from happening again.

America is under the Rule of Law. Some people incorrectly believe they are above America and the law. America is not secure when, to protect the country, America's enemies are emboldened, armed, and fully supported to expand attacks on America's civilians.

Congress needs to decide whether it wants to stop the President and Vice President in their illegal support of AlQueda; or whether Congress wants to be the military target of the President and Vice President's proxies.

The President and Vice President started the illegal activity prior to Sept 2001. The Congress needs to decide whether it will seek foreign assistance to understand what the President and Vice President are planning at home in the name of saving America.

It's within the scope of possibly that Cheney, as he has done with Alqueda, will work with the enemies of the Untied States to target those who he perceives is a threat to the Vice President.

Congress needs to directly confront the President with questions: When does the President and Vice President plan to launch combat operations against the United States Capitol; and which proxies does the Vice President plan to use to implement their attack on the Legislature?