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Monday, February 26, 2007

Great Concerns About War Crimes Indictments Against GOP Staff

The Republican leadershship is concerned. They are running out of time.

War crimes prosecutors are circling. The GOP Membership is losing faith.

* * *

The list of problems for the GOP leadeship is long, and their staff is poorly led to do what is right:

1. The Burden is on the President, GOP, and Senate to develop a plan to provide leadership. They have no plan. They only hope to block legal review of their war crimes.

2. The US Government has been unresponsive to the rule of law.

3. Presidents who violate the law require micromanaging.

4. The GOP, Senate, and President are powerless to set the agenda.

5. It is reasonable to question the competence of a President who, despite sustained combat losses, will not adjust.

6. The GOP, Senate, and President have backed away from the rule of law; and have no plan to end their illegal rebellion or insurrection against the Constitution.

7. The President has not lawfully obtained any declaration of war. US combat troops are being illegal used in violation of the laws of war and international law.

8. The President has no leg authority to use American combat troops for an unlawful war of aggression. The President is waging an unlawful war of aggression. He has no legal authority to compel anyone to follow illegal orders.

9. The GOP is powerless to prevent war crimes prosecutors from reviewing evidence of this illegal activity. The American people rejected the US government’s failures in November 2006.

10. Congress does not need to "agree to repeal" anything that was not lawfully done. The President has provide misleading information to Congress; has refused to end unlawful war; and the actions of the Republican Party and US government officials are grave breaches of the laws of war.

11. The House started a serious debate of the Iraq war crimes. The President, GOP, and Senate are powerless to set the agenda in the House. Whether the Senate agrees or disagrees, the House cannot be forced to appropriate any funds. It is irrelevant whether the Senate does or does not have 60 votes to discuss an issue.

12. Speaker Pelosi understands We the People expect change. The President, GOP, and Senate are not able to establish a plan to better manage this war. They have offered no solutions, only excuses.

13. The President has unlawfully distances himself from his legal obligations. The President does not have support. It is inappropriate for the President to send inadequately supported troops into combat. The President’s conduct amounts to recklessness.

13. The President, GOP, and Senate have no plan to adjust how this war is or is not managed. They have no benchmarks. They offer no solutions or new ideas.

14. The President has not provided credible leadership. He has directed US forces to illegally engage in unlawful warfare. He has not properly managed the finite resources.

15. The GOP is in disarray after the November 2006 defeat. They have no credible defense against war crimes.

16. The GOP leadership has been discredited. The GOP party is marked by fear, contempt for reality, and disdain for their reckless leadership. The GOP does not have a plan how to proceed to end the war crimes investigations. There is little agreement, great concern, and worry.

17. The President is not able to lead. The voters expected change. The President has not delivered. The President refuses to discuss the issues the House raised. The President has no power to silence the House.

18. The GOP leadership, staff, and membership are at a loss of what to do. They do not know how to prevent war crimes prosecutors from reviewing evidence of GOP Staff counsel complicity with war crimes. The rule of law is the dominant issue of concern: What will the GOP do to thwart lawful inquiry. The GOP has no plan to adjust. They have unstoppable momentum to continue with more war crimes. Evidence is mounting. Indictments have been drafted. There is no statute of limitations for war crimes.

18. The GOP relies on symbolism not facts. The President, GOP, and Senate are powerless to prevent war crimes prosecutors. The House, if it is not given a clear plan, does not need to approve any funding. Efforts to stall the House have failed. The debate occurred. American voters heard the leadership discuss what this President refuses to face: His recklessness, war crimes, and evidence of violation of international law.

19. American voters disapprove of war crimes. This President hides them, and pretends that he cannot be held to account. The rule of law shall prevail. The GOP can be lawfully hunted like stray dogs, brought to the war crimes prosecutors, and forced to answer for their crimes.

20. The GOP, Senate, and President have no plan to end this President’s illegal activity. The needed restrictions are things this GOP well understand is needed. However, the Republicans do not support the rule of law. There is no prospect the GOP will succeed. The President’s illegal war crimes can be contained. The GOP power has been undermined, thwarted, and is in retreat. They have been discredited.

21. It is irrelevant how many Senators agree to support more war crimes. IT is not lawful for Members of Congress to appropriate funds for illegal warfare. The Senate has no power to make the House support more war crimes.

22. The President is using distractions to avoid assenting to the rule of law. The GOP membership is in retreat. The voters have rebuked them. Their leaders are incompetent. They will not adjust. There is fear the November 2006 rebuke is the beginning of more losses. The GOP Membership is getting ignored. Their leaders are arrogant.

23. The anger at the GOP is boiling over. Foreign fighters are lawfully allowed, under the principle of reciprocity and retaliation, to do what the US government has illegally done.

24. The GOP is leading a propaganda effort to pretend their leader is above the law. The GOP is unable to make coherent arguments. Their contractors are supporting war crimes. The leadership in the Department of Defense is buffoonery. America’s law enforcement community is unreliable. Their leaders are ignorant of simple procedures and rules of evidence.

25. The GOP is unresponsive to change. America is sliding into a deeper problem of war crimes. The American government is unresponsive to change, unwilling to do what it must, and has assented to further war crimes.

26. America's President has squandered the support America had after Sept 2001.

27. Before Sept 2001, the US leadership was engaged in illegal warfare.

28. The voters in November 2006 sent a clear signal: We support change. The GOP fears additional loss f public support may destroy their isolated pockets of support. The Republicans are worried. Their leadership is contradicting the will of We the People. The GOP is diverging from its mandate; it defies its oath; it is no longer in harmony with the law of the land.

29. The President lies when he talks about being open to new ideas. He ignores his commanders on the ground; and pretends that he alone has superior knowledge. His results belie this assertion: He fails to effectively manage provided resources; and he abuses power not delegated.

30. The GOP refuses to try to lead. It spews forth propaganda.

31. The President cannot be trusted to lead. It is appropriate to manage a President who cannot manage himself. The troops cannot be the excuse to continue with illegal warfare.

32. The President, GOP, and Senate have no strategy to comply with the rule of law. There is no consensus within the DOJ Staff how t defend this President. The DoJ Staff counsel are troubled. The DOJ OPR has support of We the People. Attorneys who defy their oath and reuse to enforce Article 82 can be adjudicated for war crimes.

33. The GOP is troubled. They know how to plan illegal things; and cannot credibly argue that they are unable to do what is required. They refuse to do what is mandatory. That is not simple buffoonery, but reckless defiance of what they know they should be doing: Planning to fully comply with the Supreme Law, Geneva Conventions, and their oath of office requirements.

34. The Republicans are unable to find a leader within their ranks. we the People voted for the people the GOP, president, and Senate refuse to listen to: The House leaders. There is no consensus within the GOP who the real leaders are in the Republican Party. America voted for, and has the leadership in the House.

35. The GOP is spreading lies about the President's popularity. Most Americans do not support war crimes. It is irrelevant whether Americans support or oppose giving money for war criminals -- it is illegal, and not up for a vote.

36. The Constitution is not ignored because the polls say it is unpopular on a rainy day. If this President had his way, he would spread misinformation, mislead the public, and get them to vote to give up their rights. This President cannot take, and We the People cannot be compelled to give up what no one has the power to deny: Our inalienable right to a competent government, freedom, and our inherent rights.

37. This President has one power: Executive. He is only delegated that one power. He has no power to expand illegal things; nor can he legally compel anyone to assent to his unlawful orders.

38. The GOP wants to expand the momentum of the illegal war of aggression.

39. The Republicans refuse to support what they have no power to oppose: The Geneva Conventions, US Constitution, and their oath of office requirements.

40. The President has illegally attempted to tie the hands of the American public, deprive them of their rights, and expand illegal warfare.

41. It is correct to micromanage someone who refuses to be managed; or self-govern. The President has no credible defense to war crimes. The President cannot make the war crimes prosecutors avoid their responsibilities. Repeating messages does not stop lawful discovery, inquiry.

42. America has one Constitution. The GOP is not unified in a plan of how to comply with the Supreme Law; or what to do to implement a better oversight plan of this President. A civilian policy maker's refusal to end what is illegal is evidence of war crimes.

43. Americans are united against abuse of power. The GOP continues to fracture. The Executive Branch refuses to assent to the rule of law. The GOP is not a credible organization to advance American interests, protect rights, or protect freedom. The GOP is a group of criminals who assent to illegal warfare. They are of one mind: To remain above the law, abuse power, and pretend they are not accountable.

44. We the People may lawfully craft a New Constitution and compel the Republicans to end their illegal rebellion. If the GOP refuses to end illegal warfare, We the People may delegate to foreign powers the authority to wage lawful combat to lawfully destroy, imprison, and bring to justice the arrogant GOP leadership which has illegal put itself above the rule of law.

* * *

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