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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Joint Gulf Exercises

Ref I would encourage the world navies to set aside their differences, and conduct a joint exercise in the gulf.

* * *

Having learned of the details of the Vice President's support for AlQueda, it is difficult to take the American position seriously.

If America isn't interested in intimidating others, I would encourage the world navies to conduct a joint exercise in the Persian Gulf.

This would require the Americans, Iranians, Russians, Chinese, and British to make way for the other navies including India, Venezuela, Cuba, and Japan.

This is not intended to impose force, but to show that force can be set aside.

* * *

The Persian Gulf is a sea where valuable resources flow. The Americans do not control the waterway. The Iranians have as much right to defend their coasts as the Americans do to protect shipping.

Americans have learned the sad truth of this Vice President's support for terrorism. Monies from the United States and Saudi Arabia are flowing; and other nations and people are resisting.

Similarly, Iran, Russia, and China are standing up to the American abuse.

We've seen the British Prime Minister declare he will no longer support the American mission in Iraq.

* * *

The appropriate forum, as always, was for the world's leaders to agree to disagree; but continue talking before the United Nations.

America has been discredited. It may be powerful, but power when discredited is not a power the world need to fear.

The world can, does, and will stand up to those who abuse power. And it will also stand up to those who rally the world to silence those who speak truth to power.

* * *

The State Departments leadership has been discredited. The Vice President's illegal activities are known. America is not fearful of Iran; America's government is fearful of voter attention on the American leadership.

America's leadership must be held to account. Either they will be held to through American law; or one day, called to account before The Hague.

The International War Crimes Prosecutors have asked Americans for inputs how to execute arrest warrants against America's leadership.

Until these war crimes ar resolved, it is appropriate to guide the world militaries to agree to work together on a joint exercise.

The world's navies may recognize their foes as sailors under another flag, but we are one planet, and must show by example that we can agree to get along.

Please call your leadership in your country and encourage the civilian leadership to direct their naval commanders to plan a joint exercise in the Persian Gulf.

This exercise should not be feared, but celebrated as a commitment to joint planning and solving problems.

As intended, this exercise will take time to plan, and it would be preferable if the leaders were left to decide how best to resolve these issues.

Regardless whether the world chooses the path of peace or war, when combat is over, the world's leaders will have to lay down their arms and work together.

We can either work side by side; or after battle, sand side by side.

Let's work together, plan this exercise, and build on resolving these issues.

* * *

With dialog the world will have the chance to understand the hopes and dreams driving each side; and understand who might have an interest in blocking what is needed: Cooperation.

America has little credibility when it has no evidence of a problem, but plans attacks; and Iran has little to justify when resolving to baseless accusations.

If Iran is expected to do something, then America should do the same; and if America will not do something, then Iran cannot be expected to respond.

A joint exercise will require all to do what they expect of others: Appear, fly their flag, and cooperate. Without cooperation, there is little prospect the peace will last; with cooperation there is no need for war.

* * *

There is a way to resolve these issues. Let the world see who rises to the occasion; and who dares to block what is needed.

Free people can direct their naval commanders to agree to disagree on other days; but for several weeks, set aside their differences, and be compelled to work with the world's sailors.

Please call on your civilian leadership to agree to conduct a joint exercise in the Persian Gulf.