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Sunday, March 11, 2007

US Attorneys and DoJ OPR

It is unacceptable that US Attorneys have been harassed, threatened, and faced this egregious abuse of power. They are American citizens. They have every right to go about their business free from unprofessional misconduct.

It is incumbent upon all Americans to embrace what is happening: This President has not only openly attacked Our Constitution, but is using illegal methods to target the legal experts charged to enforce the law.

This President has interfered with our rights, and is interfering with the legal officials charged to do what is required under our System of laws.

* * *

In the Department of Justice, there exists an Office of Professional Responsibility. DOJ OPR exists to review DoJ Staff conduct.

If someone in the legal community knows of a problem with DoJ Staff counsel, they have a duty under the US Government to report that information to DOJ OPR. The office exists to privately conduct investigations.

* * *

For the moment, put aside the law. THere are many problems with DoJ OPR:

1. The US Attorneys who were threatened did not feel comfortable going to teh DOJ OPR> We the People need to find out why; and who future US Attorneys can go to when Members of Congress or the Execute Branch inappropriately use their position to threaten, harass, and corruptly persuade US Attorneys to do or not do something.

2. DoJ OPR has been blocked by this President.

* * *

The US Attorneys need to have confidence that We the People are with them so long as the Attorneys are with the Constitution.

Anything that interferes with the US Attorney's ability to do their job, whether it is the President or unlawful threats by legal personnel must be immeidately identified.

It is unacceptable that the US Attorneys have not been supported by this President. It is outrageous that the DOJ OPR has been blocked. But more stunning and shocking is the flagrant abuse of power directed at those who have the most important legal power in the Executive Branch: The power to enforce the law through prosecutions.

This President did not see fit to "only" violate the Constitution, or "just" ignore the Bill of Rights. He went after the nation's legal community, and directly threatened them for doing what they have the power alone to decide: Whether to prosecute or not prosecute a defendant.

* * *

This President has annoyed the wrong legal profession. Put aside that the American legacom community has sat idle while this President waged illegal war and commited Geneva violations against prisoners.

The President has been foolish enough to target US Attorneys -- prosecutors. Perhaps someone might wish to remind the President that prosecutors may lawfully prosecute a sitting President. [Details ]

* * *

No US Attorney should ever be in a position where they are threatened, but do not have someone inside the Department of Justice they can talk to.

We the People need to reach out to the US Attorneys, remind them that we are with them, and find a solution: What is to be done when the President blocks DOJ OPR from doing something, but the US Attorneys have nobody to seek assistance for threats.

No US Attorney should be left wondering whether they are or are not going to get the full support of We the People to do their jobs. No doubt. Not one. They are there doing their jobs for one purpose: To assert the rule of law.

It is serious business hen the President threatens them, fires them for doing their job, and for preventing them from getting full support for their work.

The President exists to enforce the law, not target US Attorneys for removal for doing what he refuses to do.

This President has illegally undermined their work, has unlawfully directed others to intimidate the US Attorneys, and has left the uS Attorneys hanging out to dray. Uterrly contemptible.

Nobody can possibly point to this President and say he's doing the right thing. He's openly lying and doing the wrong thing. There is no excuse for this President bullying the most powerful people in the US Criminal Justice System: Prosecutors.

* * *

It is appropriate for all citizens to continue your vigilance, monitor the unfolding evidence, and continue to remind your friends that the President's political future is uncertain.

No President can credibly call himself a leader of the free world when he openly attacks US prosecutors. No prosecutor should ever be left in this position. Ever.

The way forward is not to find a "new place" for the US Attorneys to talk to. They have a place they can go: The DOJ OPR.

The issue this President needs to confront is a prosecutor-led indictment, outside Congress, to lawfully prosecute a sitting President. What's the worst that's going to happen to any US Prosecutor who attempts to bring charges against the President? He's already fired some of them, but they're still around able to provide evidence to the Congress.

* * *

Congress needs to listen to Patrick Fitzgerald. What does he suspect. What lines of inquiry would he like to pursue. Congress also needs to listen to the US Attorneys: What help do they need to fully assert their oath and do their jobs.