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Sunday, March 11, 2007

DNC v. GOP Proxy war: The Legacy of Bush and Clinton

If you notice the excuses for not doing anything about Bush's illegal activity, it's interesting how much time people spend arguing over what Bush or Clinton did or didn't do.

Small problem: Neither are mentioned in the Constitution.

Time for the small minded ones in the DNC and GOP to take the bigger view: The Constitution is silent on whether their arguments are relevant.

Rather, their oath binds them to put their squabble with Clinton or Bush aside, and focus on the present problem confronting this Constitution: This President.

* * *

The DNC doesn't do themselves any favor when they ignore the Constitution, pretend impeachment is off the table, but then get into a debate over whether Bush or Clinton have or haven't done the right thing.

It's too early to have a debate; and the DNC and GOP have jingly agreed to argue over the legacies of people, without looking at the eternal requirements in the Constitution.

* * *

Far be it for We the People to openly condemn the absurd, for this would give legitimacy to that which is only farce.

Kindly encourage the DNC to step away from the argument over whether the Clinton or Bush have or haven't done comparable wrongs, but whether the American leadership in 2007 is doing the uncompilable right.

Putting the Constitution first -- as required -- means putting the partisan goals on the table with the Constitution and asking: What must we do as a faction to fully assert our oath and protect this Constitution.

Debate the merits of taking or not taking action to hold a President to account; but do not waste time arguing over the merits of having done or not done something that is not unchangeable. Today's issue is this Constitution and what this leadership will or will not do.

It matters little what they point to in 2008, but what they are or are not doing in 2007. Today's actions drown the meaningless drivel of what they might do in 2008 and beyond. Today's inaction does not suggest action will suddenly emerge from the ether.

These are decisions of leaders: To do or not do what they should. The law shall be the standard by which they are judged: Have they or have they not fully asserted their oath in 2007, not whether they might promise to do something after 2008. The law and We the People are on harmony; the DNC and GOP have no authority to put themselves above the Constitution or do nothing to remedy what is leaving it in its inferior state.