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Friday, March 09, 2007

Throw the Problem Back at New Mexico Leadership

Ref Both parties in New Mexico are relying on non-sense, but would have us believe that they deserve to be leaders.

Incorrect. The inaction by both parties in New Mexico is fair notice to all citizens of New Mexico: Your leadership is relying on non-sense, is imprudent, and is not fully asserting their oath of office as required.

Time for New Mexico citizens to consider finding new leaders who put their oath of office above all things, including partisan ideology, and non-sense.

What you can do: Contact info for NM leadership: If they fear a backlash, why isn't the GOP moving for imepachment to create a backlash for the DNC?

* * *

If this "backlash" against the DNC were real, then why isn't the GOP pushing for impeachment to "make the DNC look bad"?

Answer: This "fear of a backlash" is meaningless. The GOP, if this "backlash"-threat were real, would be working to make impeachment an issue that would "undermine" the DNC. [ Phony 'Backlash' concern: See this argument developed further ]

This thinking doesn't make sense. The "Threat of a backlash" is an illusion. There's no basis to say, without finding facts, that "inaction" is the way to go.

Time to put the issue on the table: "Backlash", if it were a real fear, should rive the GOP to act, not make excuses to do nothing. The lack of GOP action on impeachment shows that they are not consistent: Pretending that there would be a backlash, but then failing to "take advantage" of that expected backlash to undermine the DNC.

Put the issue on the GOP to explain: Why are they reluctant to use a "slam dunk"-effort to make the DNC "Look bad"; and how can anyone in any state say to any of their constituents that they are fully asserting their oath, but they are refusing to use all lawful options to put the US Constitution first, and protect it?

This is valuable information from New Mexico: It's more evidence that the only way to block impeachment and a state proclamation for impeachment is using non-sense.

Put the monkey back on the DNC and GOP leadership and get them to explain their inaction on something that requires inquiry before the decision of whether to act or not act. Backwards thinking is what got this country into this mess with Iraq WMD and the rule of law; it doesn't have to continue.