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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pelosi Concern With Bush Maladministration

I noticed something old on the Speaker's blog suggesting there's a concern in a new area: Not with directly impeaching or the procedureal questions; but with the President's maladministration -- a basis to remove a President from office.

* * *

Ref Note these words in the Speaker's Blog:

further evidence of the Administration’s inability to competently discharge its responsibilities

And a second phrase:

actions do not reflect the level of performance the American people have a right to expect of their government

She's shifting the focus from the Congressional action-decision, to the performance of the President; from whether Congress should or should not do something, to whether the President is or is not doing what should be done.

She may have taken impeachment off the table, but talking about maladministration is the same as saying, "Bush is on the political dining table."