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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Libby Pardon

Ref Apart from the Pardon being one for the President to exercise without review, I don't take seriously any potential concern Bush might have about DoJ guidelines on pardons.

He's ignored among other things the Constitution, US law, FISA, and DoJ OPR oversight guidelines. Ignoring "another scrap of paper" would be consistent with Bush's arrogance. Bush could grant Libby a pardon the day after Libby is charged. Pope Benedict waived the normal requirements to make Pope John Paul a saint; Bush could do the same.

What Congress and the GOP Senators choose to do in response -- possibly march to the White House ala Nixon, forcing him to resign or get convicted -- remains to be seen. The GOP still believes they can intimidate America to accept their arrogance. A Libby Pardon would be consistent with "We know better than (the GOP attitude) arrogant fools in the legal system."

I hope the President does Pardon Libby immediately -- it will give another black eye to the ever-bruised GOP and make a 2008 defeat more likely. Bring it on.

Kos: However, some still have faith that the President will follow the rules, and not make new ones. I'll believe it when I see it. No, I'm not holding my breath. Those who abuse power in unprecedented ways should be expected, until lawfully prevented, to do unprecedented things.