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Monday, March 05, 2007

Widespread American Law Enforcement Incompetence

Now We Know Why There Are Morons In Law Enforcement

Ref This explain why fascism spreads: Stupid people in law enforcement do not realize that criminals are manipulating them to target innocent people.

Ref: POST receives Federal Funding from the Judiciary Committee -- Nice standards, worthless enforcement: Hows the Judiciary Committee Audit of DoJ grants to these agencies? As with Walter Reed contacting, the same firms bungling Iraqi police training are likely making a mess of things with US law enforcement training and prison management.]

Ref No we understand more about Blue Ridge Thunder debacle with Nuckols

* * *

America's civilian population is forced to deal with idiots in law enforcement.

___ Unable to understand rules of evidence;

___ Lying to cover up their problems

___ When doing field training, they create ruses to hide their illegal activity, pre-textual stops

___ They fail to understand audits, performance reviews

___ They consistently lie to cover their rear end

___ Looking for a way to blame and abuse the public

___ Looking for excuses not to take information, do their jobs, or file reports

___ Assert something is "not a problem" despite not having fully witnessed the situation

___ Make conclusions about a victim's report without having discussed the issues, or fully read the reports and information

___ Explain away their inaction on problems as, “Oh, that’s not a crime” – even though the issue isn’t that it is or isn’t a crime, but that its suspicious behavior – which law enforcement say, “We really want to know about.” [Which they can’t adequately manage personnel to intake these reports. “Oh, we need more people because we are incompetent.”

This goes back to the real issue with the NSA-JTTF and DHS intelligence – the issue isn’t intelligence; but the management of qualified people. They’re whining that they have “no support” but then when they get the information that they need, they whine that they have no resources and no time. “Can’t talk to you now, I have to go ask for more money to ask for people because things are so chaotic here.”

Circular! This is sounding a lot like Katrina and Iraq: More NeoCon stupid planning, without considering the full spectrum of consequences attached to deploying first responders – in the reserves – to Iraq, away from where really needed.

Thanks GOP and Mr. President – you really screwed up America. Not only do we have two messes in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we’re less safe, have less freedoms; and those you send to target us for daring to speak about your reckless defiance of the Constitution and illegal warfare are buffoons who can’t comprehend the Constitution, professionalism, or what they’re really supposed to do.

This is a mess that the GOP helped create.

* * *

Things Criminals Do

Here are the things the criminals will do, and manipulate law enforcement to target innocent civilians.

___ Lie

___ Pretend the problem is "someone else"

___ Make it look like the person who is making the report has "the problem"

___ Rally law enforcement, convincingly play stupid

___ Discover the identify of the people who have identified them to intimidate and retaliate

* * *

How much of this trash talk by GOP criminals was intended to shift attention from the valid concerns, to those who were making reports of the problems?

Arrogant GOP bullies like Cheney, Addington, and Gonzalez listened to the bullies in the NeoCon-PNAC world, and targeted anyone who dared to oppose them.

And the GOP Congress was complicit.

Then when US troops and reserves were sent abroad, the local communities had fewer qualified people for law enforcement, helping to fuel the cycle: Stupid law enforcement getting manipulated by criminals; and targeting innocent American civilians who are attempting to do the right thing.

People give up, remain silent, and the criminal activity spreads.

* * *

If you're rape victim, the last think you need is trash talk from some moron in law enforcement. If you need to go to the police, find someone you can go with.

Law enforcement will screw things up, and blame the victim, even yelling at them, "Oh, you brought this on."

No, Americans are arrogant, and they will do stupid things. Law enforcement will listen to the bullies, attempting to diver attention from their incompetence, and target those who are making valid complaints.

Stupid law enforcement will believe the most aggressive person, not the one that has the most credibility.