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Monday, March 05, 2007

Declaration of War Against United States Drafted

Foreign Fighters Closer to Lawfully Engaging Washington, D.C.

International war crimes prosecutors have discussed with foreign leaders words to a formal declaration of war against the United States.

The American government has been unresponsive to requests to end illegal violations of Geneva. The timetable has been established.

Ref The National Security Council knows the DC-area hospitals are inadequate to handle the expected casualties. Hospitals as far as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Georgia have been warned to expect wounded.

US government officials have attempted to thwart enforcement of Geneva. The US government hoped to dissuade Germany from issuing warrants. These documents wold form the basis to arrest US government officials for their involvement with war crimes.

* * *

Ref Before engaging in combat operations, foreign powers must show they have exhausted all lawful peaceful options to resolve a dispute.

One requirement is to exhaust the legal process.

* * *

German war crimes prosecutors have issued arrest warrant for CIA officials. CIA agents are also under indictment in Italy.

The indictments related to allegations the CIA illegally committed war crimes.

Using legal sophistry, the 4th District Court of Appeals misapplied Reynolds, and refused to hear the case. War crimes prosecutors have examined the ruling as evidence of war crimes by the Judicial Officers: Failing to end illegal violations of Geneva.

The Americans have attempt to block enforcement of the warrants. When issued, the Americans have no plans to cooperate with Geneva Complicance.

When Yugsolvaia refused to comply with its international obligations, NATO launched combat operations against Belgrade.

* * *

The Americans made several errors. The repeated contacts to multiple German government offices are evidence of efforts to avoid complying with Geneva.

Prosecutors may present to a war crimes tribunal transcripts of the hurried phone calls. These recordings show the Tribunal the scale of US government effort to blocking enforcement of the laws of war.

The United States is reported to have no plan to comply with the warrants. Combat and lawful intervention is an alternative.

* * *

The Geneva conventions are treaty obligations. Nobody in the JTTF, American law enforcement, military have the legal power to block enforcement of the Conventions.

Unlawful Presidential orders to thwart Geneva are not enforceable.

Any orders to thwart lawful intervention in the Untied States to seize those who have been accused of war crimes are not enforceable.

The laws of war permit reciprocal violations. The US uses rendition to seize foreign nationals. Other powers may lawfully enter the US, and seize similarly situated CIA officers.

The United States may not legally claim block intervention, arrest, and transfer to The Hague. These enforcement actions are lawful, consistent with international law, and requirements.

* * *

Fatal to the governments claims is the Secretary of State's fatal admission that he accept the "mistake' of the US government. No, this is a war crime.

The confusion is not reasonable, especially the scope of the abuse. CIA officers did not appropriately assent to court oversight.

Rather than submit their evidence to a competent tribunal for supervision, the CIA went around the Italian and German courts, and used illegal force t detain and punish a civilian.

The US response does not show contrition.

* * *

The court illegally refused to review the case, misstating Reynolds. When the government does not do something for an exclusive national security reason, the claim of privilege fails.

Here, the governments activity and classification had nothing to do with a lawful purposes, but to hide evidence of war crimes. It is illegal to claim privilege and shield evidence of war crimes.

The Government has failed to adequately deny the allegations. When pressed the President substantially confirmed the existence of the Eastern European detention centers.

Arguing the US is "not required" to respond to warrant, or extradite is not a problem. This is evidence that all lawful options to peacefully resolve this issue are coming to a head.

Next on the agenda are international appeals, which the US is expected to refuses to respond. The Geneva Conventions and UN Charter permit, as the US did in NATO, using force to resolve this matter.

The United States is expected to reject a UN Security Council effort to enforce the laws of war.

All peaceful options are about to exhausted.

* * *

Nations which refuse to enforce the Geneva Conventions may be lawfully targeted. The principles of reciprocity and retaliation permit the lawful use of military power to enforce the Geneva Conventions.

The German war crimes prosecutor is expected to forward copies of the US communications to the court for review. German and Italian intelligence agencies are involved with monitoring US officials hoping to thwart war crimes.

A formal declaration of war against the United States has been drafted.

American citizens are encouraged to reconsider their travel plans to the Nation's Capitol. The lessons of Katrina are relevant: Confusion, inadeuate response, and lengthy waits to boad evacuation transport.