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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Draft War Crimes Indictment Judge Susan Crawford

Allegations of Breach of Judicial Cannons Against Guantanamo Judge Ref

The Colonel acting as "judge" at the Guantanamo should be removed for alleged violations of the Judicial Cannons, and breaches of the Geneva Conventions.



Nuremburg Justice Trial

Judicial Cannons

Prosecutor Standards of Conduct

* * *

The defendant-judge is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This information is public notice that there is an official investigation underway. All denials by the government that there is no investigation are without merit.

* * *


1. Susan Crawford is one of the judges overseeing war crimes trials at Guantanamo.

2. Crawford took her oath of office requiring her to fully assert the US Constitution and faithfully ensure the Geneva Conventions were fully enforced, as required under the US Constitution.

3. Crawford knows or should know the Judicial Cannons prohibiting conduct which undermines the Geneva Conventions.

Count 1: Illegal refusal to strike down illegal procedures

4. Congress passed the unlawful military commissions act which retroactively creates new laws and standards. This is illegal. Geneva does not permit new war crimes after the fact; nor is impermissible for court procedures to enforce illegal statutes.

5. Crawford illegally enforced illegal Military Commission Act procedures.

Count 2 Unlawful breach of Geneva prohibiting violations of laws of war

6. Crawford refused to ensure that the actual proceedings and the appearance of conflict were removed.

7. The government prosecutors open allegations about the defense counsel have not been struck from the record.

Count 3 Illegal refusal to fully enforce Geneva Conventions

8. Crawford had a duty to fully enforce Geneva, but she refused.

Count 4: Illegally permitting court action undermining legal defense for prisoners of war

9. Crawford had a duty, but failed, to discipline the offending US government prosecutor, subject to another indictment.

Count 5: Illegally allowed government prosecutors to introduce fabricated evidence designed to undermine Geneva Conventions for prisoners of war

10. Crawford and the US govern prosecutor have illegally agreed to enforce unlawful statutes; and have permitted the defense counsel to be undermined, not supported, and otherwise questioned.

11. This impermissibly lets the US government to further advance illegal warfare, and not strike down unlawful statutes violating Geneva.

* * *

The information below forms the basis to adjudicate war crimes against the defendant judge, evaluate their suitability for judicial service, and forms the basis for a preliminary inquiry into their disbarment.

All information gleaned from this investigation shall be made available to the German War Crimes investigator for purpose of supporting the ongoing Geneva War Crimes trials and proceedings against US government personnel.

The American legal community has been denied a vote in having any say whether this investigation shall or shall not continue; the US government has been denied the power to block this ongoing investigation. Any effort to block this investigation shall be admitted into the record as subsequent evidence of alleged war crimes.

This is a public warning that any and all attempts to influence this investigation shall be admitted into the record as evidence of attempts to block enforcement of the Geneva Conventions. IT remains a matter for international tribunals to decide whether the evidence presented is or is not admitted; and whether defendants will or will not get access to the full evidence presented related to these alleged war crimes.

* * *

The American public is encouraged to look at the events at Guantanamo in the context of Judicial Cannons. Judges are not allowed to do certain things.

It is not proper for a Judge to have, as it appears, assented to the Government efforts to corrupt the defense of a prisoner of war.

It is not appropriate for the Judge to have raised questions about the integrity of an officer assigned to the court; and to release this information to the public.

The Judicial Cannons prohibit action that would undermine confidence in the judicial system. Without any reasonable basis, the Judge has made disparaging comments.

* * *

The issues raise reasonable doubts about the independence of the judge. Failure to address these issues raises questions about the integrity of the US judicial system. It is a separate matter than the US has retroactively defined a crime which did not exist.

* * *


1. As with the US Attorney firings, it appears that the judge has allowed non-judicial matters enter the nexus.

2. It is poor trial management for a judge to allow outside impression of an attorney to cloud their decision making.

3. The Judge has violated the Judicial Cannons: Non-relevant trial information has been introduced to undermine the legal defense for the prisoner of war.

4. The Government has indirectly raised questions about the integrity of an officer, undermining confidence in the process: [1] The Judge in allowing this information to enter their decision; [2] Opposing counsel and the government for raising irrelevant issues; and [3] The American Bar Association and legal peers who know that this conduct is not appropriate.

* * *

It appears the US government hasn't quite opened it's mind to the reality of the Walter Reed Subpoenas. The same can be issued against other attorneys.

Where needed, the Congress has the power to subpoena the judge in the form of an impeachment; and compel that judge to appear before the Senate. This is within the power of the House to do, especially as it is needed her.

I would encourage the public to take a broad view of the issues: These are not complicated. The standards applicable to judges are clear.

The error is for the American government to pretend it is for justice, but reward judges and and legal counsel for undermining that justice system.

* * *

The issue is not what the prisoner is or isn't accused. The problem is linked with the US government's inability to demonstrate justice. It appears the US government has sent an impermissible signal that a judge can do this.

This is not appropriate. It would please me if the following were to occur:

___ Immediately conduct a review of this matter

___ House leadership consider impeachment of the Judge

___ House use the power of impeachment to put the Judges on the defensive to explain their violations of the Attorney Standards of Conduct and the Judicial Cannons

___ Send a clear signal that any effort by any DoD employee to interfere with any proceedings, or interfere with legal counsel judgments how to best defend their client is left to the defense counsel

___ Anything this judge has ever said, done, suggested should be subjected to scrutiny. Once this judge begins to raise unreasonable questions about the competence of an attorney -- and does so without qualification -- that course of conduct needs to be examined, questioned, and compared with the Judicial Cannons.

* * **

Lost in the discussion is the status of the prisoner of war. The charges have changed; and the new charges are for unreasonable crimes restoratively devised. There is no basis to detain the prisoner when the crimes are illusory.

While the US government sorts outs its mess, and evaluates the status of the judge, the appropriate remedy is to release the prisoner of war.

This trial needs to end. The problem is for the US government:

___ When is the DOJ OPR going to brought into this to review the judicial cannons; then compare the judge’s conduct to those requirements

___ Why is the Judge undermining confidence in the judicial system and officers assigned

___ What is the reason the Judge has impermissibly made comments about the how a defense counsel is representing their client

___ What is the House action to force the Judge to appear before the Senate with an impeachment

___ Why is this judge attempting to illegally enforce prosecuting standards against a prisoner of war which did not exist?

___ What is the plan of this US government to assent to Geneva, and force this Judge to be accountable for violations of Geneva -- attempting to illegally impose standards which have been illegally created; and undermine the Justice System>

* * *

This is a pattern of conduct which needs to be explored:

1. DoD Stimson indicated that counsel would be targeted, and he resigned;

2. The Judge is attacking the defense;

3. The US Republican Part General counsel has been implicated in efforts to use prosecutions to advance political agendas

4. DoJ OPR has been blocked from reviewing legal matters related to NSA use of unlawful procedures to violate rights and advance war crimes

The above is the tip of the iceberg. The problem is the President. The symptoms are courts attempting to impose punishment on prisoners and counsel without a fair trial.

IT can hardly be said that a prisoner of war is being treated fairly in a POW camp when US military personnel are treated like dogs at Walter Reed. America's justice system denies counsel a right to competently conduct a defense. It cannot be said that the prisoners subject to that trial have anything better.

* * *

The Judge assigned to this court knows full well the 5100.77 principle of reciprocity and retaliation. This is allowed under Geneva. Anything this judge does to undermine justice may be legally done to this judge during their trial:

___ Counsel for the Judge interfered with

___ Disparaging comments about this Judge's competency, and legal counsel

___ Open attacks, intimidation, and question about this Judge's competence; and that of their legal counsel

___ Creating burdensome requirements for this Judge's counsel to surmount to provide an adequate defense

___ Retroactively creating of new standards making this judges conduct in 2007 punishable under a war crimes statute as being a serious breach of Geneva.

* * * *

This Jude has violated the Judicial Cannons. In unlawful advance of American war crimes, this Judge has impermissibly allowed the court to spiral into barbarism, absurdity, and nothing less than a show trial.

This Judge needs to be impeached, and ejected from the legal profession. They are unfit to be called independent; and have cause desirous damage to the Untied States.

Foreign fighters are allowed to commit like breaches of this Judges' violations against similarly situated prisoners of war:

___ Falsely charged civilians

___ US civilians subject to new standards of conduct they did not agree

___ Arbitrary standards retroactively created to apply to new people without an opportunity to challenge the merits of the standards, much less the evidence, or the proceedings.

America cannot claim it has the moral high ground when the trials are despicable.

* * *

It is right, proper, and appropriate for the Public to conclude that any disparaging remarks about this Judge are reasonable; and that there remains a reasonable basis to question the competence of the President.

This President has engaged in war crimes. It is right for the American public to rise to the occasion, accept that he American legal system is not willing to exercise oversight, and that we the People shall do what the attorneys have been prohibited:

___ Speak with derision about the President

___ Openly mock the courts as sham courts

___ Make it clear that We the People can learn the Judicial Cannons and attorney standards of conduct, and apply this to the US legal community

___ Let the world know that the House has the power impeach, but refuses

___ Remind the world that We the People know the DOJ OPR could look at this issue, but refuses

___ Let the world know that We the People have attempted to peacefully resolve this issue, but this Government and legal community are unresponsive to the rule of law.

* * *

There are two forums to resolve issues: Either peaceful judicial forums; or the second, but less preferred, Combat.

American citizens are not allowed to wage war against the US government. whether a system like this does or does not deserve to be violently overthrown is secondary. We the People have the power through Geneva to delegate to foreign fighters the lawful power and right to retaliate against the US government for these grave breaches of Geneva.

All DoJ Staff, White House Counsel, US Attorneys, and American legal counsel assigned to the GOP must decide whether you are going to assert your oath and meet your standards; or whether you are going to require your assent to your freely chosen professional standards to be at the tip of the combat spear.

The choice is yours. You shall assent. You have no choice.

* * *

This does not advocate violence. But does the opposite -- reminds the Judges at Guantanamo that if you continue to enforce, commit, and allow war crimes and let your courts spiral further into barbarism, then foreign fighters may lawfully target you for are crimes.

The error was for this Judge to open the barn door. they have fatally made comments which raise substantial questions about the merits of this proceeding; and whether the US has a real case.

The answers is not relevant. The Judicial Cannons prohibit any conduct that allows this result. The error is for the American Judicial system, with this abuse, to not end this.

The foreign fighters can lawfully resolve that as well.

* * *

The unfortunate state of affairs is troubling for the international community. These events are stunning. America has a legacy of WWII when they bravely liberated Europe and brought justice to the world torn by the ravages of totalitarianism. Sadly, America has come to understand that this abuse of power is not something only of a foreign countries must endure.

American citizens are asked to take the high ground. Your leadership has failed. American citizens, not experts on the law, will have to rise to the occasion, learn to provide oversight, and impose the legal system upon the legal community.

American citizens should not worry. The world legal community is ready to assistance, provide guidance, and enforce the law. the American legal system has failed. The judges are not doing their job; they violate their cannons; and they impermissibly reward or fail to prevent war crimes.

The precedent of Nuremburg is instructive. The Judicial Cannons are fair notice of what is required. The Judges before the prisoners of war have brought discredit upon the American legal system, have assented to illegal statutes, and have -- as the Nazi Judges did -- failed to strike down unlawful statutes.

The world community knows this. The American public needs to understand that the failure of the American legal system is not one the American public can take responsibly; but it is one that the American public may be soon asked to endure the burden for having failed.

The way forward are for the civilians in the American community to reach out to legal experts in the international legal arenas, get an independent view of the legal situation with respect to Geneva, and formulate a plan of what will be lawfully done to impose on the American legal community the oversight needed.

Hopefully, the Congress will awaken to the problem. Ideally, the House Judiciary will soon impeach this judge and force the Supreme Court and Executive Branch to awaken: The rule of aw can be legally imposed on the legal system, regardless the artful non-sense the likes of Addington, Yoo, Gonzalez and others devise.

These are issues of alleged war crimes. The American legal community has sent a clear signal: It is incapable of self-governance. The way forward is for the American public to make it clear to the judicial officers: It would be preferable if you handled this internally; however, if you fail, the courts are well positioned to adjudicate these matters.

There are two forms to resolve conflict: Peaceful ones before the court; or the less desirable alternative of combat. The American public needs to realize that the American legal community has said it rejects the legal system; yet they are not suited to wage war on the latter.

Hezbollah surprised Israel. The Israelis were not prepared to defeat a mighty foe. American citizens need to send a clear signal to the American legal community: Where the legal community is unprepared to wage war, the worlds foreign fighters are lawfully permitted under Geneva to target, detain, and lawfully prosecute members of the American legal community who recklessly refuse to enforce Geneva.

American citizens are not the object of these proceedings, but members of the American legal community. The choice is whether the American legal community will, as with this President, refuse to assent to one forum, while showing they cannot prevail on the second. Theirs is a losing hand.

Under the authority of the Geneva Conventions, and powers delegated to We the People, foreign fighters retain the right and authority to do what the American government refuses to do: Impose order. Direct combat operations by the worlds foreign fighters directed at US legal representatives is underway. These combat operations have been coordinated without the NSA knowledge; and the American legal community faces the eternal prospect that combat and the court system shall have equal footing to resolve this reckless defiance of the Geneva Conventions.

The American legal community is in error. American citizens need to reach out, make the effort, and attempt to provide leadership. If the American legal community fails or refuses, then foreign fighters have been delegated the power under Geneva to specifically target specific US personnel for their alleged complicity with war crimes.

America's legal scholars have allowed the accusation-alone to be the basis to abuse in impose punishment. It is advised that the American legal community choose to exercise leadership, resolve these personnel problems and choose to restore the American government to full assent to the laws.

Barring that desire, foreign fighters have been delegated the power to wage warfare on the American continent, specifically target named leadership pin the US government, and have plans underway to lawfully restore order and legally impose on the US government any and all war crimes the US government and legal community has illegally permitted to be against others.

There has been no other option. All legal options have failed. There is a chance for the American legal community to get this right. If they fail, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

NO American should be shaking their head wondering why this is happening. There is one reason: The American legal community refused to do its job; and the lazy contractors in the NSA system have refused to remove themselves from this illegal warfare. They too are identifiable, and have become legitimate military targets.

These are serious matters. The way forward is to focus on the rule of law, apply hose standards to the American legal community, and for the public to do what the American leadership refused to do: Oversee, impose standards, and compel the legal community to meets oath of office obligations and enforce the Geneva Conventions.

It is not allowable for the courts to enforce punishments for retroactive laws; nor to threaten counsel with speculative outcomes if counsel is doing something that is required to defend a prisoner.

The person who is wrong is the Judge. The enabling system is the American legal community. The way forwards is to send a clear signal: This needs to end; or foreign fighters shall be given a green light wage lawful combat and destroy the Nation's Capital, the legal community and the reckless US government which has permitted these war crimes to continue.

The National Command Authority knows about the planning; and the NSA contractors fully well know these are serious matter which the National Security Council has recklessly allowed to continue. Foreign fighters are prepared to bring the combat to the streets of the District of Columbia, lay waste, and impose the rule of law. The question is whether the American public is going to tell the legal community to wake up; or whether combat operations are required to awaken the American legal community from its coma. The threat of indictments of war crimes prosecution has been inadequate.

The planning continues. Combat is imminent. Foreign fighters are prepared to give their lives to ensure the rule of law, and lawfully end the American abuse of power. They do this for one reason -- they learned form the Americans what is possible when people are willing to stand up for themselves and do the right thing.

Today's challenge is to arrive at the nation's doorstep, and let the leadership know: Things must change. The legal system must be responsive. And war crimes are not acceptable. Without change, we the people through our proxies who are foreign fighters shall have the power to lawfully destroy what is unresponsive and has impermissibly enabled the American legal community to descend to this impermissible state. The burden is for the legal community to choose whether they want peace; or whether, as they did during WWII, to fight a war.

Few lawyers know the first thing about combat. But there are warriors who know the laws better than this reckless legal community. They are required to – the laws of war compel foreign warriors to assert the Geneva Conventions when the legal community refuses.

The rule of law shall prevail. The question is whether the American government and legal community want to be pat of the process; or whether they want to ground up in the process. Either way, the rule of law shall prevail.