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Saturday, March 03, 2007

NSA Data Mining Targets Political, Non-National Security Related

FBI, US Atty, DoJ Block Investigations

The Justice Department has failed to hide the public knowledge of the illegal politically-motivted NSA surveillance prgoram.

Department of Justice investigation decisions belie assertions the US was concerned with enforcing the law.

The Bush Adminstiration has illegally used the National Security Agency for unlawful data mining for partisan efforts.

See: Section 302 of FY2007 Intelligence Bill.

* * *

Ref So much for them using the power to wage war on terror.

Despite "the wall" falling between FBI and CIA, excuses for inaction. More pre-9-11 thinking from the White House and Republicans:

"We were deliberately kept out by the Justice Department, the US Attorney, and the FBI." -- Madrid

Amazing what the FBI leadership does when faced with public corruption allegations under the Hobbes Act.

* * *

Ref Richard A. Hertling appears to know that public corruption cases were jeopardized by the FBI; and the US Attorneys were fired because they were unresponsive to the politicization of the judicial process

the Justice Department would not ever seek the resignation of a U.S. attorney if doing so would jeopardize a public corruption case

___ Denial of a valid concern

___ Linking the denied action with a policy

___ Pretending that a "potential bad consequence" is speculative, or linked with something "We would never do"

___ Failing to admit that the "potential, adverse outcome" is an official policy

- -

Ref Pre-emptive, politically-motivated arrests: The GOP Brown Shirts

Ref Title 28 and Title 50 mandatory reporting requirements to Members of Congress by US Government: President, Attorney General

Ref Gonzalez doesn't like to follow the law, or respond to legal requirements; and the President refuses to enforce the law, exactly what impeachment was designed for: For the Legislature to remove public officials whom the British King refused to mange, discipline, or punish.

* * *

___ How many people have evidence the FBI leadership refused to take information, not act on, or declined to accept evidence?

___ Was this an official policy within the FBI?

___ When the FBI agents received information related to allegations of public occupation, was the information reviewed?

___ How much information is the FBI not acting on related to terrorism?

___ What excuses does the JTTF use to rebuff information, not act on things, and refuse to follow-up on open source information?

___ What is the use of the US government collecting classified information, when the FBI refuses to act on open information?

* * *


The NSA activity is a data mining program to target political opposition. If the information collected were bonafide national security information:

1. The US would have combat successes to show the information had been translated into results. It has not.

2. The FBI would not be making excuses not to take information related to criminal activity. It is.

3. All sources of information would be used. The information is rebuffed.