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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hitler Youth, Untrained -- Hitler's Last Hope

Leaders who fail must compel others to fail.

It's a sign of desperation when the US leadership puts untrained, ill-equipped combat troops in harms way.

This war is not an emergency. This war has been a war of choice.

This is recklessness.

* * *

Ref In this war of choice, America has no choice but to send untrained people into combat.

This sounds like the last days of WWII, when untrained Hitler Youth were called to protect the Fatherland.

There should have been some adjustments. Not this failed leadership. They still engage in folly, and ignore feedback: The planning is not working; the troops are not getting the training; and they still don't have the equipment.

This isn't change, but more of the same nonsense disguised as leadership.

Reminder for the Stupids in DC: Hitler lost.