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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Leadership Calling For Action and Oversight

Ref More could have been done. Rather than just tyring to penetrate the wall, perhaps the media may wish to explore what reforms to the US governance model are required.

* * *

Ref Some valid concerns were raised.

It's a good sign when industry begins challenging their peers to do more. Let's hope the calls are echoed in the legal community, in the Senior Executive Service, and Halls of Congress.

More than talk, but real results.

* * *

The reputation of the media is not stellar. BLogging took off, in part, because of the lack of confidence in the media.

It's one thing to have an aggressive media; or pretend that "more is needed." The other side of the coin is Congress, despite the Media, refuses to act on the infroatoin provided.

* * *

It was ossible for the public to have questioned the argumetns, and asked why teh claims should have been believed. This wasnot done.

Senator Clinton has argued she was deceived; in truth, she did not seek assistance to ask challenging questions or make adverse inferences.

* * *

Woodward and other may be right on what hsould have been done with Iraq WMD questions. The question is whether those lessons are applied now with Iran.

It is absurd to suggest that "round the clock headlines" are "hampering" investigative journalism. No, thejornalists are not getting the support they need to focus on what needs to get investiated. This is amangeme problem, not a technology program.

It may be true that it take time to develop a story; but the problem is when unsophisticated people can connect the dots in a timely manner.

* * *

Accoutnabity has been weak.

The US has a secret government under Cheney.

Woodward appears to be talking about the issues of power as if it were a speculative problem; the problem exists.