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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Members of Congress Have Options To Compel President To Respond

The excuses from the DNC and GOP continue. The siren song of, "Oh, the President won't respond. . ." is getting old. Let's call this what it is: Members of congress Refuse to enforce the law.

Members of Congress should stop whining; until they stop, they're going to their political noses rubbed into the statutes they refuse to enforce. {Ref Title 28 and 50 exception reports [at the link] }

* * *

Look at this lazy Member of Congress:
Senator Ron Wyden, of Oregon, a Democrat who is a member of the Intelligence Committee, told me, “The Bush Administration has frequently failed to meet its legal obligation to keep the Intelligence Committee fully and currently informed. Time and again, the answer has been ‘Trust us.’ ” Wyden said, “It is hard for me to trust the Administration.”Ref

__ what are you going to do about it Wyden?

Here's what you can do for starters: Review the Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports. Get your staff counsel off their rear end, have them issue you a summary of the options you and your DNC-GOP peers can implement to enforce Title 28 and Title 50.

You also have the IG and GAO who can help, along with the DOJ OPR.

Stop your whing. Fine, the President isn't cooperating. Outline your requirements, inform the public want ou need help with, and we'll get this President responding.

* * *

We've got subpoena power -- use it.

We've got the power to compel an impeachment with a State Proclamation with House Rule 603 -- this will tell your peers you're serious about going after the President.

You've got the State Prosecutors who can prosecute the President, yes a sitting President can be impeached: Here's the scholarly research.

You also have that the Title 50 and Title 28 exception reports which the Prudent needs to provided in writing, with the Attorney General.

* * **

Overall, I'm not impressed to hear this whining. You have legal options. Time to figure out which options that you have you're going to use.

Time to lead, Senator, or we'll find someone else who can read the case law and US Code. NOt that ahrd.