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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Untapped Motion Picture Audience Demand

The Academy has a loyal fan base hungry for something.

Will the Academy help fuel their momentum? It's possible.

* * *

The 2007 Oscars were stunningly beyond comparison. Days after the awards, people are still talking about how amazed they were.

Ref Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is missing an opportunity.

* * *

When bit torrents and music downloads first appeared, the music industry balked. Then they realized they had a new market. Same goes with the Academy Awards.

Maybe ABC and the Academy don't want their product to be "too good" that it drives additional markes.

What the academy chooses to do nor not do with their brand is their business.

When the public demands a product, they are willing to pay for it. The question is wehteh the Academy wants to see what the public wants; whether they want to attempt to control views fro watching what they would like to watch; or whether they want to rethink their business model.

Perhaps the Academy has infinite resources, and the foundations supporting the Academy are deep pockets.

* * *

If the public is this interested in YouTube downloads, and still hoping to see pictures of the Academy Awards, it looks like there's a missed opportunity.

For years the Academy awards has been derided as being boring.

But consider the DVD market. Outtakes from moving, things once though only worthy of the cutting roo floor, are getting sold as a new product. We have box office hits of Star Trek, Spiderman, Batman, James Bond.

The issue isn't whether the Academy brand is or isn't diluted, but whether it is managed

* * *

Something new is happening. The Academy, despite its inability to satisfy the audience for years, has a demanding audience that wants more.

Its up to the Academy to manage their brand. And it's also the responsibility for the Academy to manage the good will.

Maybe there are no board of directors. Perhaps the brand is not sellable. Perhaps the Academy isn't willing to show -- by example -- what a group can do to expand brand awareness.

The NFL Did it. The Academy doesn't ened to spend money advertising to promote the award: Your audience is willing to pay you to give them the excuse to brag about what they've come to love, enjoy, and celebrate.

* * *

Think of the NFL. Many years ago, it was a relatively unknown commodity. Today, there are franchising opportunities.

No, I'm not saying dilute the product or saturate the market.

Look at the public demand in a new light: It's not an illegal download, but a new market of loyal fans who look at the movie industry as something that should be celebrated all year long.

___ What's stopping the Academy from distributing to theaters copies of the DVD which theatergoers can buy on top of their movie tickets?

___ Why aren't' the motion picture distributors, when they release a film, not also including a coy of the DVD at the theater that people can buy as they still excited about the film the just watched?

* * *

Even if the Acameny were to shut down the YouTube, it cannot stop people from making fair comments about the Academy.

The question is whether the Academy wants to help fuel the favorable discussion; or possibly alternate a loyal fan base.

This doesn't mean that the Academy needs to sell of miniature Oscars; it means that the hungry audience wants to be fed with something.

The golden statute may be a trademark and brand, but it does not prevent the public and other services from ridiculing what appears to be a lost opportunity.

* * *

The Bunglo Award

This is a bronzed-statute in the shape of a small wooden spoon, and a distinctive mark on the handle.

Each year, the Bunglo Awards will recognize those in the commercial sector who successfully show that leading commercial entertainers have:

[a] lost an opportunity;

[b] successfully whined that nobody liked them;

[c] When the public did love them, the public was not given the love

[d] Claims of waning public support was not balanced with a plan to respond to a rebound in support

[e] Business leaders who whine they have problems, but when their problems are solved, they fail to take responsibility.

- -

Bunglo Theater

The theater is strategically placed on a floating island off the coast of California. Only the most elite celebrities are allowed to attend.

Paparazzi are verboten. It is an island paradise, as much as the winter weather will allow.

Up and coming child stars like Coco can come and go as they like, without fear that their birthday celebrations will be tracked.

It has the best lighting, the shiniest floors, and a production crew that knows how to rehearse. Ad nauseum.

Celebrities arrive to pay respect to the Bunglo Award. Everyone wants it. The public wants it. But its our brand.

You can't have it. It can never be seen. If you are given the chance, you will have to take an oath of silence. But you will be able to proudly display on your business, "Critically Acclaimed Bunglo Award Winner."

"Recognized for Unparalleled achievement."


"Six stars."

"Semi-pure bronze."

"A real winning buffoon: The Bunglo of all Bunglos."

"Unlike any other award show you've ever seen: We let you have a DVD."

"Our goal is market saturation, then beyond."

"No market is too saturated to ber more saturated."

Coming to Cable -- We'd tell you what channel, but then we'd have to give you the Bunglo Award