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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sept 2001 Master Schedule: Pre-Written Script, With Timelines

Media Relations Firm Issued Press Release Before Event Occurred, on the wrong timeline

It appears a media relations firm made two errors in pre-writing a press release related to an event that had not yet occurred; then released it using the incorrect timeline.

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Someone created a checklist, and pre-wrote the Press release, and made an error in the release time.


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Ref Video Evidence: Go to 14:30 and watch the error. [ Backup Discuss Video]

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The problem is releasing a press release related to an event. The premature press release in the BBC report implicitly suggests and indicates there was a master schedule for the 9-11 scenarios.

The next lines of questions attach to the computers, personnel, and other planning activities related to this master schedule. General questions include finding out who was part of the planning process; what the timeline was for the release of this press release; and the details of the people who created a press release for an event that had not yet happened.

Unlike WTC1 and WTC2, there was no aircraft collusion with WTC7. The problem with the media release is thatwithout an aircraft collision on WTC7 there was no basis for anyone to have considered the possibility that WTC7 might collapse; nor to, in anticipation of something, draft a press release, unless they had access to the master schedule for the Sept 2001 events.

___ No event that might have possibly caused someone to believe that WTC7 might collapse;

___ No aircraft event, or collision that may have prompted someone to develop the press release "in anticipation" of something.


BBC has released a copy of the Sept 2001 events. The BBC appears to have received a press release from a media relations company which detailed an event which had not yet happened.

There are three errors:

1. Writing a press release related to an event which had not happened;

2. Releasing the press release earlier on a timeline using the wrong clock;

3. Referring to an event, explosion, or destruction related to a building which was never attacked.


A. The 9-11 Timeline was to have included a third aircraft hitting WT7C.

B. The explosives placed inside WTC7 were placed there on the assumption the third aircraft would collide; and the building would collapse along a pre-established timeline.

C. The original timeline was established, press releases were drafted, and personnel were using a checklist, but incorrectly issued the pre-written press release earlier.


[1] Lack of a triggering event for media relations firm to respond to or discuss any issue with the media.

[2] There was no reason for the press release to have been written or released.

[3] WTC 7 was never hit by an aircraft, nor was there a bonafide reason for any explosion.

[4] There was no basis to say that it could have been "known" to collapse; or that someone made an error in thinking that it was "about to collapse."

Error Mode

It's possible someone using a checklist incorrectly looked at the wrong clock. London time may have been confused with another clock; and the press release was issued one hour earlier than what was supposed to happen on the official timeline.

Litigation Discovery

These are questions which may guide investigators and litigators examining the data.

Communication Records

___ Where was the press release issued?

___ Who called the ABC, sent a fax, and coordinated on the events?

___ Who supplied the information to the BBC; which intelligence unit has a copy of the phone call, communication, or other data that was exchanged for the BBC to have said, "We approve the information; and are going to broadcast the (incorrect) data about the WTC7"?

___ Who, and which intelligence organization, intercepted the phone voice call/e-mail/fax transmitting the data?

___ Where is there a copy of this intercepted communication from the outside entity to the BBC?


___ What time zone is this firm located that issued the press release?

___ What checklist, timeline, or event prompted them to release the information?

___ What was the time that the firm issued the press release?

___ What time was on the checklist, timeline, or schedule they were using?

___ Why did the timeline, checklist, or schedule have a time that was not consistent with [a] the actual events; [b] did not account for problems with the original schedule; and [c] stayed with the original timeline, despite no impact by an aircraft?

___ Why was there no decision point -- to occur prior to release of the press release -- to verify the following necessary preconditions had been satisfied prior to releasing the press release (1) the aircraft had departed; (2) the aircraft had collided with WTC7; (3) WTC was on fire; (4) WTC has collapsed after aircraft collision; and (5) There was no possible way to discover the explosives placed in WTC?

Contractor Competence

___ Who was responsible for developing this master schedule?

___ What do the problems with the aster schedule tell us about the problems of this contractor in developing a simple timeline, manage a program, or verify that decision points were adequately planned?

___ When a contractor develops a timeline and master schedule, but that plan does not include a buffer point for adjustments; and there is no review to ensure that all preconditions had been met, what does it say about that contractor's competence in planning, basis for their award fees?

___ Which contractors who might have been involved with this planning could have asked for a "reward" in the form of a no-bid contractor in the anticipated DoD combat support for Afghanistan and/or Iraq?

___ Is it a surprise that the Iraq invasion-reconstruction planning, as was the Katrina response, was botched, given the apparent incompetence of the contractors involved with this Sept 2001 master schedule?

___ Who has a copy of this master schedule?

Tracing Funding To Support Timeline Development

___ Where did the people who developed this master schedule go to training to learn how to use the software scheduling tools?

___ Which government contract or US government weapon system, if any, was charged for providing the training for this contractor?

___ How much money did the American public spend through direct or indirect appropriation through public funds to pay for the planning of the Sept 2001 events?

Legal Consequences, Funds Return For Activity Against Public Policy

___ Which contractors involved with this planning should be told to return the funds that they were paid to support this master schedule?

* * *

Script Details

BBC reporter, before building collapses, discusses injuries. The implications of mentioning injuries related to a bogus, pre-written press release to an event that had not happened are stunning:

___ Was it the intent of those planning the events of Sept 2001 that first responders would be inside the WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 as a means to add dramatic effect to the events?

___ Was it planned, discussed, and part of the timeline to prepare for firefighter deaths in a building where explosives were going to e detonated, and the explosion was not caused by an aircraft accident?

___ If there were bogus events, illusory deaths, or non-relate injuries, what did the people involved would expect happen if the questions about their injuries, deaths, or other details did not match what supposedly happened?

___ Was it part of the script to mention injuries which were not knowable in advance?

___ Knowing in advance that there were explosives, how many people might have been injured had the personnel not been evacuated?

___ Why was someone including in a master schedule the possibility for injuries?

___ Was someone expecting a third aircraft to have collided, and first responders would be in WTC7 when it was deliberately destroyed?

___ How many of the injuries, in the pre-created press release, were known to be illusory, or not related to a bonafide attack, but the demolitions?

___ Was it part of the scenario that there would be bogus firefighter injuries?

* * *

Recall the Deception

There are different stories on the building explosions. The first was, to the effect, someone directed the building to get taken down with explosives, without any explanation why the building had to be destroyed; or how the explosives were placed; or why the owner would know enough to have the explosives placed, or for what excuse.

Then, to explain away the "take it out", comment, the owner is reported to have said to the fire crews: "Pull them out." referring to the firemen.

* * *


___ What was the name of the contractor assigned to develop this press release?

___ Where is a copy of the timeline created?

___ Why are there multiple different timelines, schedules, checklists, and other documents which do not have a consistent release time?

___ Why were events on the original timeline not compared to actual events?

___ Was there a reason that events, as they occurred in real time, when they did not match the timeline, did not incorporate adjustments, or backup plans?

___ Why despite no explosion, attack, or aircraft collision with WTC7, did the team decide to stick with the original checklist?

___ Was the same team that had a "Success oriented plan" for 9-11, also the same crew who expected there to be "no problem" with implementing the timelines, checklists, and other schedules for the Iraq invasion?

___ When it was known that the timelines were success oriented, what concerns did Members of the GOP staff have with the released information?

___ Was there a concern that someone might ask the question: Before Sept 2001, people were (a) making timelines for the Iraq invasion; (2) had pre-written the Patriot Act; and (3) engaged in illegal surveillance, but there was no effort to review why this illegal activity was carried out?

___ Where is the computer used to draft the press release?

___ Where were the computers used to create these checklists, documents, timelines, schedules, and press releases?

___ Who coordinated on the press release?

___ What timeline directed the personnel around WTC7 to now to exist the building?

___ What was the concern when the aircraft did not collide with WTC; what was the plan to retract the press release?

___ When the aircraft did not collide with WTC7, why was the press release still issued?

___ Was there no way to retract the press release despite (1) no aircraft having collided with WTC7; and (2) there had been no explosion; and (3) the WTC7 building had not collapsed?

___ What is the name of the media company used to develop the timeline?

___ Which contract was issued for media relations to [a] develop the timeline; [b] issue the press release; [c] follow the checklist; and [d] issue the Press release when they did.

___ What was the item number of the Press release which instructed personnel to issue the Press release?

___ What data was the press release written?

___ How much money was transferred to which company to support this contact?

___ Which funds were transferred to support the development of this checklist, timeline, schedule, and other written material?

___ How long has it been known that this press release was issued prior to the event?

___ What plan did the world community have to explore (a) the basis for the US decision to use military force; but (b) the problem with the timeline related the events?

___ Was the President’s speech before the Washington Cathedral also pre-written and part of this Sept 2001 timeline, schedule, and checklist?

* * *


WTC7 was wired with explosives, as were WTC1 and WTC2. The intent of the explosives was to add a dramatic effect to the event.

There is a timeline, master schedule, and evidence of specific checklists being developed. The master schedule was success-oriented, and did not have interim decision points or milestones to confirm the required events for an event had occurred.

There were no backup options to adjust if preceding events did not happen exactly as planned, expected, or coordinated on the checklist. It was assumed that all items on the original master schedule would play out according o the plan.

It was not expected that the USAF would launch combat aircraft and shoot down the third aircraft which was supposed to collide with WTC7. Flight 93 was shot down by an F-16. Rumsfeld has heard audio of the intercept and shoot down. However, the crash scene in Pennsylvania is problematic suggesting something else did not happen as planned, or has been official represented.

The error in the press release is evidence that there is a computer which was used to create, coordinate, and monitor events related to the original checklist.

Intelligence would have information on who called into the BBC: or who provided the press release from which media company.

Travel times, pre-Sept 2001 events, and other coordination activities could be traced to specific people who made the calls to the BBC: were involved with developing the press release; and finding out who they met with in the months prior to Sept 2001.

* * *


Personnel who issued the press releases would know that the events, as Congress understood them, were not what really happened; but have been silent about the use of force against people who may have had nothing to do with the events of Sept 200l.

Those who were involved in his planning may or may not be linked with the people supposedly the US has targeted in Afghanistan.

The people who coordinated the events, issued the press release, and developed the master schedule may or may not be who we think they are.

Personnel involved with this master schedule planning may have additional information related to the intended frauds upon Congress.

The real evidence of who was really behind the events of Sept 2001 may not be linked with the people Congress authorized the President to use force against.

The people who have taken credit for the Sept 2001 events may have had support from people who had access to computers, press releases, scheduling systems which were not examined or identified.


There have been a couple of developments which related to inaction by contractors, or alleged complicity with illegal activity.

___ Why is Lockheed Martin in New Mexico blocking a computer security expert from cooperating with the FBI?

___ Which DoD contractors have a policy of suppressing information related to inappropriate use of contract equipment?

___ Which contactors may have been charging the government for supporting this master schedules; but that planning – because it is allegedly related to fraud and illegal activity – is not a bonafide charge to any government contract?

Also, the contractors working for the Department of Justice have been implicated in alleged tampering of transcripts, creating false narratives.

Contractors have also been involved with prisoner abuse.

The pattern: Alleged war crimes, illegal activity, and other government functions appear to have been delegated to Contractors without adequate oversight.

___ How many of the transcripts part of the GTMO prisoner files have been fabricated, not only to justify illegal detentions, but to retroactively justify other illegal activity US contractors know has not been adequately investigated; or has been incorrectly blamed on people who had nothing to do with the events?

___ How many of the supposed “problems” facing America have been blamed on people in the Muslim world, but are related to US government contracts which personnel were paid to create the illusion someone else was responsible?