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Thursday, March 01, 2007

President Was Lawfully Threatened With Combat Operations in District of Columbia

Republicans For Dialog Before They We For War Crimes

The Americans have partially ended their defiance of international norms. The world community sent the American government a credible threat of combat operations. The American leadership clearly were told: If this absurdity does not end, the District of Columbia may face lawful military strikes.

America's capitulation and reluctant acceptance of this threat has driven them to the negotiating table. America's leaders have been discredited, and have faced a formal rebuke by the world military leaders. America blinked; and the world has taken the first step in lawfully confronting the President.

Members of Congress should take note: The President’s power is at its ebb when he has violated the law; and he can be compelled to put his arguments on the table, and defend himself.

If the US Congress reuses to compel the President to assent to the rule of law, foreign powers are willing to use military force to compel the US leadership to assent to reasonable standards. This President knows, or should know, their use of miter force would be lawful, justified, and consistent with every standard this President (incorrectly) says does not apply to him.

This President does blink if you communicate the lawful consequences for his recklessness, and show you have the means and resources to fully implement this credible threat of legal consequences.

* * *

Ref The arrogant dogs in the Republican party would have Americans believe they are angels. They are war criminals.

The lazy dogs in the Republican Party, not far from The Hague indictments, are spewing out more nonsense.

All these years the President commits war crimes, and the republicans spend their time explaining it away, blocking investigations, and talking about the "big agenda" that everyone should focus on: Anything abut the President’s war crimes.

* * *

US Propaganda To Shift Attention From The Threatened Military Confrontation With the President in the District of Columbia

The domestic propaganda is "the US won a vicotry," but this is at odds with where the meeting location terms and condition: Not where the US wants them, but where Iraq, Syria, and Iran want them: In the region. Hardly supporting the contention the US won anything.

If the United States was "forcing" Iran and Syria with threats to discuss issues and was winning, the US would not be at the Iraqi meeting like a crazy relative -- a sideshow, an after thought, an emarassing presence.

If the US "won" anything, it would have compelled Iran to grovel, publicly admit wrong doing, and appear on the US terms. This didn't happen. Iran hasn't ended anything; there are no pre-conditions.

Iraq, Syria, and Iran have recognized the US is powerless to stop them from talking; and cannot defend the United States capital from a lawful attack. The lesson of Irael's bunging against Hezbollah was a rude wakeup call: The same could happen in the District of Columbia.

* * *

There’s little reason to celebrate the US position on Iraq or Syria. It shouldn’t' have taken this long. The real question is why, despite the apparent reversal, anyone should believe the GOP is serious: The world leaders have called for dialog. the poodles in the GOP have rebuked the world for "appeasing", calling them traitors, and sell outs.

Now that the buffoons in the GOP have (possibly) seen the errors of their ways, they want the red carpet treatment. My ass they're going to get anything.

* * *

The Republicans openly lied, waged illegal warfare, and covered up war crimes. They arrogantly went on the offensive, jailing Americans who dared to question this illegal activity.

It's absurd and arrogant for anyone in the GOP to pretend that their new position -- the correct one, which they rebuked -- should be celebrated. No way.

* * *

Make the GOP work their rear-end off. Make them explain why their rebuke of them -- which they arrogantly turned around as "evidence of treason by others" -- should somehow get ignored, but turned into celebrations. No.

How dare anyone believe this absurdity: This American government refused for years to discuss issues with Iran. The Iranian President attempted to dialog and this President ignored and rebuffed that, calling the Iranians a problem.

The world and arrogant Americans supports this President’s war crimes, arrogance, and refusal to use peaceful options.

This President isn't getting credit for doing anything. The reviser is true: What did Bush finally allow enter his small mind to make him believe that peace is a good thing; or that discussions might be an interesting thing to do.

It is absurd for anyone to suggest the US position -- which the US leadership refused to embrace -- is the "glimmer of hope". Gag. No, the hope was when the Voters rebuked this leadership.

* * *

This was not a "decision" by the President: It was evidence that he has capitulated to those he's long ignored: The voters; and those who lawfully threatened him with lawful combat if he expanded his illegal war of aggression.

Bush wants to take credit for "tough talk" without taking responsibly for his failure to talk.

It's foolish to make it look as though the Americans somehow "forced" the world to talk; the only thing in the way was the US. The US is absurd if it wants anyone to believe that the "mighty" US government "forced" Iraq, Iran, and Syria to the table.

This American government refuses to keep things on the table, much less visit the table.

* **

This arrogant bunch of fools in the GOP are not to be taken seriously: They are reckless. They belong i prison.

This American leadership is not convinced the rule of law is a good idea; or that war cries should end.

Iran was taking the US seriously: The Iranian President dared to reach out. This President wasn't taking the overtures seriously.

* * *

This is more of the GOP recasting of history: The same nonsense which the voters rebuked in November 2006.

Saying "we've done things to make them take us seriously" is laughable. No, the Iranians have refused to be beaten down; and did communicate it would lawfully attack the US if the American illegally invaded Iran. The US didn't do anything to constrain itself or act responsibly; it was only when the District of Columbia was forcefully put on the chopping block that the US leadership realized that it was losing friends fast.

* * *

Next time you're talking with your friends in DC and government, ask them about the classified NSA intercepts. Asks them about the intelligence planning and discussion about the expanded combat operations in the District of Columbia.

The National command authority knows these threats are real; and they are not bluffs. The US has not shown leadership, but contempt.

The world knows it is only when the American government is baked into a corner that a lawful threat of force that it will come around.

The US leadership cannot claim credit for things that the US leadership has not done.

The US is like a stray dog, feeding on the scraps the world community is dropping.

* * *

The Americans do not have the combat resources to defend their capital. They are exposed. Dialog and discussion are their only options. Their troops are buffoons; their leaders are incompetent; their Joint Staff cannot lead; and their combatant commanders are in defiance of their oath.

The American government is not to be taken seriously. The world community knows that it is when the world powers lawfully threaten the United States with counter strikes, in lawful retaliation for the US illegal warfare that the US leadership will awaken.

America wasn't talking tough; it wasn't talking. America was and is waging illegal warfare.

The US President has few options on the table: He can either cooperate with peaceful solutions; or the world combat forces may choose, at a time of their discretion, to impose the same war crimes on the American military in the District of Columbia as the US leadership has committed abroad.

The error is for the American government despite this reality of the laws of war to lay it off like it was something else. The Americans realized that the threat of combat in the District of Columbia was real. It was not imminent; but the lawful threat of stained combat operations against the American government is not something that was made out of haste or a bluff. It was real.

* * *

The US leadership needs to be clear with its powerless; and fully disclose the real reasons that it is running to the table. The US does not have the combat forces to back up threats; nor can it continue waging illegal warfare.

Whether the US Congress does or does not agree or impose constraints is less relevant than the real constraint: The world combat forces have been mobilized, are on alert, and are prepared to attack the United States.

* * *

Ask your friends on the Joint Staff, on the intelligence committee staffs, and get the real story.

___ How seriously concerned were the US leaders with the combat preparations the Iranians, Russian, and Chinese were making?

___ Which options did the Iranians, Russians, and Chinese have on the table to resolve the arrogance of the United States?

___ When did it sink in that the US would not be able to lawfully justify any military action in Iran?

___ When did it sink with the President that if he took military action, he would subject the American civilian population to a lawful possibly of like use of military force?

___ Why does the US leadership, despite the "victory" of the Cold war, not have the combat forces to protect the Nation's capital?

___ When did it sink in that the world no longer takes the US government seriously; but looks at it as the source of war crimes, instability?

___ What was the rude wakeup call for the President that make him realize that he could no longer threaten force against the Iranians; but still protect America?

___ How many American civilians was this President willing to be sacrificed to expand his illegal warfare?

* * *

The President' strategy is singular: To insulate himself from war crimes. His decisions are with one thing in mind: To protect himself form accountability.

War crimes prosecutors have issued indictments and arrest warrants.

Nobody in America should applaud this President’s war crimes; the GOP should save is lectures for the President:

___ Why did it take so long

___ Where is the GOP strategy

___ When are we going to see some lawful decisions

* * *

The President’s support is waning; his base is narrowing; he has no leadership skills; he is a buffoon.

This President ignored the ISG. He empathically rejected the possibility. The way forward is to understand what lawful threat of force changed this President’s mind, forced him to back down, and made him realize: His game is over.

No arrogant war criminal in the Oval Office should be given credit for being wrong, then celebrated for having changed his mid. The credit belongs with the American people for getting it right; and refusing to listen to this buffoon’s non-sense claptrap.

The ISG didn't "approve' this idea -- they recommended this idea. This President will not get credit fordoing what is prudent; but he will take responsibly for having let this nation’s citizenry endure these abuses, and be put in harms way.