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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We the People and Our Constitution Are Indistinguishable

Evaluating Congressional Leadership Maladministration

There is a way for We the People to change things. We the People through sheer numbers and experience can impose Our Will on those who defy their oath. We can use the government reaction to this approach and notice their weaknesses.

Our power rests with our authority to make things better. We don't have to get Congress to cooperate. They have no hope of dominance. Our Constitution is already our victory

When this government sees all that it might lose, and is confronted with the full force and might of We the People, their only hope is to retreat to the refuge in the Constitution.

* * *

Curious Links

Consider these, then I'll expand on them below:

Ref I've been reading some excellent ideas of things that Members of Congress should consider to force the President to respond.

Ref We agree there is a problem -- What is the plan?

Ref: Sample -- Reminding the DNC leadership their power base is not certain. It's happened once, and it can happen again. We the People can find new leaders.

Ref Let's have a "Public Disclosure of Oath of Office Compliance"-requirement. Something Voters need to have before the elections. Legislators who do not certify in writing their compliance; and provide full access to permit review get an automatic failing grade.

Ref Va. GOP Rep. Tom Davis doesn't get it: We the Peopel have provided feedback in the election and you're not listening. Not interested in "your" issues; when are you going to get instersted in "our issue" The Constitution?

Ref The "out of touch" problem isn't isolated to the President, but the US Govenment. This Congress has had the opportuntiy to show it's listening, but has failed. Funny how the Concgress spends all this time talking about "change," but they end off their statements with: "Now that I've rambled, this is what the people need to accept." Get real Congress: When you start listeing to us and putting your oath first, maybe we'll start lisstening to you wit your "Magic solutions."

Ref This Congress can focuse on solutions if it wants. Too bad they don't change the phrase form "Bipartisanship" to "Constitution First" Why can't the House "comt together" and decide to dare ask a qeustion: Are we willing ot make more excuse not to push back against the President?

"Stop complaining and start demanding that our republic works the way it is supposed to. We are a representative democracy and we must demand that our representatives begin to police their congressional bodies again and comport themselves as befits the leaders of our nation." -- Liberal Musician Ref

* * *


Put those aside for the moment, but keep them in the back of your mind. Here's my concern: The mandate of November 2006 appears to have run its course.

Congress has passed in 42 hours the legislation they wanted. Their jobs -- as measured by "their agenda" -- is, for the most part, substantially done. Whether the Members of Congress do or do not do anything between now and 2008 is meaningless. The battles before them are their problem; and when there is no mandate, and the President vetoes them, they're stuck.

We're back to where we were under the GOP.

* * *

Reconsider the the list. Let's consider what is happening:

1. The DNC knows it has not been able to do anything else other than what it has done in the 42 hours;

2. There have been hearings and reviews, but this hasn't put real pressure on the White House;

3. The DNC does not appear to be responsive to reasonable calls for them to try new things.

The above may or may not be true.

* * *

Let's pretend that the above is a subset of ideas driving the perception: "Nothing can be done." I disagree.

There is a way to make the Congress, GOP-DNC, and President irrelevant.

Think big picture. There are 300 Million of US; and only 536 of them -- 535 Members of Congress, and the President.

We outnumber them.

* * *

Also consider the other problem the DNC-GOP now jointly have: The non-sense propaganda, which We the People rejected November 2006, is being spewed around by both parties.

We have options:

1. We can independently create, develop, and implement a New Constitution and Second Government system which the Majority Of Americans will either reject or approve;

2.We can, as a test basis, develop a new system of governance, have it work in parallel with Congress, and show that the proposed model is either better or worse than the Proposed.

* * *

Two things need to be done:

1. Identify the problems with this GOP-DNC leadership and fix them;

2. Put into effect a system of oversight that is more credible than what the DNC-GOP have crated and implemented;

3. Implement this new form of government so that it is overwhelmingly obvious -- as measured by responsiveness and results -- that the new method of governance is superior, and more competent.

* * *

It's not that hard to do. The things going for We the People in doing this is our sheer numbers: We can easily choose to decide that a new focus is needed, and simply ignore Congress: As a Mass movement agree at all levels to assert a new standard of governance, embrace a system of interaction, and voluntarily agree to some inspiring principles; and then submit our system to independent oversight, reviews, and evaluations.

* * *

Let's call on Congress to step up to the plate:

___ Where's their plan to reform, and oversee what we present;

___ Does the President and US government have something on the table that they can offer as a plan to say "this is or isn't working"?

Until the leadership has a plan to oversee us -- which they don't have -- then We the People remain in the superior position: Able to not threaten anything, but do it.

* * *

Some have suggested they are frustrated with Congress. Let's think outside the box: We the People can identify a new system of interaction -- whatever that is less important -- and let Congress show it can do better.

The burden is on the President, Congress, and the political parties to do something better.

* * *

Consider the non-sense that we went through for the November 2006 election. In the run up we were encouraged to support "new candidates with new ideas for change." That was baloney.

Part of the frustration in American politics is the time people spend running around on behalf of candidates who betray them.

We can change that. We can, instead of "running around", make the Government "run around."

Let's stop talking about what frustrates us; and talk about a solution, then implement than solution as we go along.

People all over the blogosphere talk about how things "could be" -- well, let's quit talking about it, and just do it.

* * *

Again, I'm not advocating illegal activity, or something that is violent. Rather, something that is more subtle: Let's have a change of attitude.

If there's a problem, let's agree to fix it;

If there’s something that is frustrating, let's figure out how we can solve it; or at least talk about it and keep it on the table to discuss.

We may not have an answer right now; but there are 300Millino of us: Taking the average age of 35 years old, that's [300M x 35] 10, 000 Million or over 10 Billion years worth of experience and insight that we have compared with the [536 X 35] no more than 53,000 years of experience in Congress. [Very crude math I know]

On sheer numbers, using marginal education, and marginal attitude changes, our big numbers alone can easily solve this problem.

* * *

The attitude of Americans is simple: They can choose their attitude; and they can be inspired to reach great heights.

Americans are tired of getting manipulated, and used. What they really want, they want to lead, be great, and have their ideas put into effect.

They may not know what their ideas are right now; but they want a sense that someone is really listening to them, and can implement their ideas; and they don't want this non-sense we've got every day from DC: More of the "how are the People going to get used."

That's a load of non-sense.

* * *

Next time you're feeling blue, down on your luck, or annoyed that the Government isn't responding; Not to worry.

You are important. You are one of the people that is going to fix this mess. You're not alone. And the combined experience of We the People is orders of magnitude larger than what the American leadership is offering us.

It's time for We the People to agree that we can jointly cooperate to leverage our combined experience for something other than a party; but for ourselves. No baloney; no nonsense; and none of this ridiculous excuse for inaction and phony change.

* * *

Anyone with an idea can be a leader. We can share solutions; and we can test things out.

Members of Congress have a problem: They are busy making excuses; We the people can sit down, and review a problem, think about it, and -- though sheer volume -- impose the solution by sheer numbers alone.

Granted there needs to be a way to make sure this doesn't get non-sense momentum. I don't think that will happen.

Recall, the GOP doesn't have total control. They're on the defensive.

We the People have been betrayed by both the GOP and DNC leadership. We don’t' have to work within a party-controlled system; but we can have a faction of one -- each of you can be a faction.

* * *

There is a solution so this. The frustration of this DNC-GOP nonsense sends a clear signal: They have both lost the control of the Agenda.

We the People are a force they have to reckon with; and we cannot be manipulated forever. We will eventually find out.

The truth is Americans do not have to worry about the US government: It is finite; while We the People have the power, the overwhelming experience, and we can also work with other people around the globe -- if needed -- should this government attempt something nutty.

* * *

I would hope that as you continue with your work, earning a living, and spending time with your friends, or doing the things that you enjoy doing in your private time, that you can rest assured that there are people who you may never meet you share your frustration; but they aren't willing to play the games.

I would like to see the following:

___ People, when they are given an idea, to be receptive to it;

___ People, when they do have an idea, be willing to share it;

___ People, when they do have hope, keep the dream alive: We the People can do this. There is a way.

We may not agree, but we can share ideas of what can be done, and implement a new system of governance outside Congress; then let that way of interaction by example show the American government it has to change; or it will fall by the wayside.

This doesn't mean scrapping our founding principles; but building on what is working; and adjusting what is not. In the end, after our reviews, we may conclude that something need to change; and other things we may agree it is best to leave them alone.

I am confident that we the people-- with our 10 Billion years of experience -- can, if properly managed, harness our collective minds into something that is better.

The way forward isn't to impose the solution; but to let the power of We the People create that new system of interaction. The process isn't to find the solution; but to let the most effective means of organizing to guide We the People.

No, it doesn't mean that bad ideas are going to be imposed; or failed models embraced. The opposite: If something is more effective, then let's do it; and stop talking about what Congress should or shouldn’t do.

* * *

I'm not convinced, based on what I've seen, especially in the wake of the "promise of change," that the real power of we the People is getting tapped into. I see the opposite: The sham promise of change; and more of the same -- ignoring We the People.

The way forward is to notice what is really working; and simply do it; then let our results outshine the American government.

We don't have to change anything. We can be open to change; but change is not required. Change may be preferable; or it may not.

It's time to have an open mind: We don't have to work with this Congress, or this Government; we can remain loyal to this Constitution, but agree to interact differently.

* * *

I can't make a rule that is not one you do not want to embrace.

I can make a rule for me; whether you agree or don't agree with "my rule" is meaningless. Your rules for you work for you. Use the rules that work for you.

* * *

Things That Could be Better

When there is illegal activity, there can be punishment under the law.

When people take an oath to do something, but refuse, there can be public questions.

The leaders in the court system can be consulted for their ideas for what could be improved. Judges may wear a cloth, but they are smart people. We should consider looking for ways for them to share heir vision and what they would like to see, but without necessarily the threat of rebuke for their speaking their mind, or providing ideas of what they see could be improved.

The professional standards can be measured in terms of how effective are they in achieving the desired results.

* * *

I have a hard time convincing others that the American model is best when, by these results in Iraq, we have a problem: This system is not responsive to the rule of law. It could be.

The issue is: What would haven nipped this in the bud; then considering what has not changed, how do we ensure those lessons -- of what should or should not have happened with Iraq -- to be applied at all times.

* * *

The goal is not to impeach. The goal is to show that We the People, when it sees a wrong, can, in concert with the law, force a leader to assent to the same law each of We the People are held to account.

Our collection wisdom should be able to share the best ideas of what we think the problem is; and discuss solutions. We can study issues, and decide what the problem really is. The issue is: Despite this hope and promise of what We the People can offer with our 30 Billion years of experience, why do we have the results we have in Congress:

___ Promises of change

___ Excuses for illegal activity

___ Inaction to do what should be done.

* * *

My vote: We the People should make a third party of We the People. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated.

Perhaps we don’t have an "issue" -- we have on agenda: The Constitution. Nothing else. That's it.

* * *

Maybe that's what We the People may consider doing: Changing the American government by compelling "the issue" to always be first and foremost the Constitution. Until the Members of Congress put "the main issue first," then "their issue" is that they have a priority problem. That lack of clarity is one We the People can reject.

It is disappointing to realize that despite the oath, Members of Congress are making excuses to put their oath second.

We the People don’t have an oath: We have Our Constitution. It's ours. We don't take an oath to protect, defend, and preserve anything: That Constitution is the same as We the People. The two are indistinguishable.

An attack on the Constitution is an Attack on We the People. We don't need to respond; we may if we choose. We may choose to pretend to not notice, then lash out lawfully when least expected.

* * *

We only require people to take an oath because they are not We the People.

Oaths haven't worked. Rather, it is the mistaken belief that oaths were working that the American government has betrayed us.

We the People may lawfully reciprocate and betray the American government, and the leadership in the DNC and GOP.

We the People don't have to make a new party: We are We the People, indistinguishable from Our Constitution.

* * *

Lets just do it:

___ Gather the evidence of illegal activity;

___ Remind the people who defy Our Constitution that there is no statute of limitations for war crimes;

___ We the People have 30 Billion years of experience and may lawfully impose Our Will on anyone who defies Our Constitution.

___ The leadership in the DNC and GOP shall either assent to Our Will, or they shall be forced to explain themselves for their defiance of their oath.

___ Remind the "leadership" that they take an oath to the Constitution, something that is -- for purposes of government official's loyalty -- indistinguishable from We the People. We are more than the Constitution; they are less than the Constitution.

* * *

We the People

We the People don't have to do anything. We can if we want.

We the People may or may not have organized meetings. Organization may be useful to organize; but sometimes organization is stifling; where there is no organization, there is no definite group our opponents can target.

We the People are not required to act or not act. We may choose if we want to do nothing; react; or impose our Will.

We the People cannot be lobbied to assent to abuse. We may choose to be manipulated; but we can also choose to permit this abuse to inspire a solution.

We the People may find the benefits of the Capital Market system superior to all other models; or we may conclude that something needs to be adjusted.

We the People shall respect the rights of others; but when those rights are violated, there shall be timely, lawful consequences.

We the People have the power to treat US government officials as if they were no better or worse than an anonymous person; who may or may not be engaged in criminal behavior. We may lawfully, for purposes of oversight, shift the burden of proof to the US government; or use a scintilla of evidence as the basis to rebuke.

We the People shall agree with this Constitution; but that does not mean we cannot work with a new system of governance that might marginally perform better; then work to implement what works; then show that the new system outperforms the former.

* * *

The same leadership that promised change, is giving us the same excuses for not being leaders. It's March 2007. This leadership has known since November 2006 what was coming; and what was expected. It doesn’t matter what their excuses are. When lawfully pressed, they will do something.

We the People have the power. It is time to transition to a new system of governance that compels an assertion of that oath, and does not leave it to discretion; and create a system that works instead of betrays.

* * *

If you examine the excuses for not confronting the President, you'll see that they're logic errors, frivolous, and do not withstand scrutiny. They are more of the same nonsense We the People rebuked November 2006. We don't have to wait for an election to lawfully rebuke the same non-sense. We the People can throw this nonsense back: "Stop."

We the People need to consider the scope of nonsense this GOP and DNC are spewing forth not as a problem, but as feedback of what they must rely to avoid what they agreed to do: Protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution.

We the People can see this. The reasonable believe, which We the People had, was that things would change. And so they shall.

* * *

Let's hold this government, right now, not tomorrow, accountable.

___ Strict compliance with the Constitution;

___ Number one priority the Constitution;

___ No tolerance for non-sense from the DNC or GOP leadership; or the media;

Valid ideas go somewhere. Invalid ideas can inspire better ideas.

It's time for We the People to put aside our "partisan" differences; and accept: We already have what the DNC and GOP are losing: Power.

* * *

The momentum behind We the People is not passion, rage, or contempt. The momentum is the Rule of Law, prudence, and reason. Nothing more.

At the heart of our legal system is a simple thing: The rules of logic. Nothing else.

That which does not make sense n business, loses; that which defies prudence in combat, is destroyed; that which defies We the People cannot endure.

* * *

The problem the 536 leaders have is they are short on experience; and We the People outnumber them. We also have alot of experience: 10 Billion years -- that's just the wisdom that is available today; not to mention the other people around the globe; plus the journal articles and historical documents.

We have superior experience, a greater legal foundation, and more solid footing. And we can also discuss -- which Congress refuses -- the issue: This Government's defiance of Our Agenda: Our Constitution.

* * *

When they talk about Iraq, they are talking about an excuse and symptom; when they speak of agendas, they implicitly admit their agenda is not Our Will.

When they say that confronting reality is a "distraction" or "waste of time" they show they are the distraction and a waste of time.

We the People cannot be compelled; we can learn. When some attempt to block, We the People will find another way. There is a way to compel assent to the rule of law. All statements as to why this should not happen are frivolous. There is no choice.

* * *

You are one of We the People. You are delegated the power you need to lawfully assert the Constitution; and report back what you find.

Know Our Foe is not the Government, but the People in the Government who refuse to assent to Our Will, and defy their oath.

They cannot lawfully choose to assent to illegal warfare, but that is what they freely chose.

They cannot lawfully choose to defy their oath, but they prefer that.

They cannot lawfully choose to defy We the People, but that is their aim.

They cannot lawfully choose to permit truth to be hidden, or avoid accountability for what is impermissible.

* * *

The is your job: Lawfully assert power with confidence that you are one, able to tap into 30 Billion years of experience; that you are well supported by a simple thing -- logic. That is most powerful; it will prevail in combat; and it will prevail in debates and the legal profession.

Force does not change logic; people change minds, and permit one or many to assent to inferior logic.

* * *

Your job is to know the only power the GOP and DNC leadership have to continue their defiance of heir oath is to increase their absurdity; and put themselves in a less stable position.

Their position is not sustainable. They are inferior. We cannot be compelled to assent to inferior agendas. There is one agenda: The Constitution.

* * *

Your job is to learn what is possible; then share with others: How are the 536 attempting to defy Our Will. It shall be exposed. We the People can learn. We the People can make adverse inferences.

That which is blocked is less of a concern than in understanding that the intent to block is linked with their inferior position. They have no other option; we do. It is power beyond what they have been delegated.

The power we have is linked with two things: Logic, and non-logic. Unlike power which can only assent to the law; our Power stems from the full spectrum.

We the People are not required to meet a standard; we may act illogically, especially when that sends a wakeup call to the leadership: We the People have the power.

The US government officials shall assent to the standard of logic; but that is not a standard We the People shall agree to embrace, unless we choose.

This does not mean violate the law; but you have been delegated the power to share with the government personnel "other agendas" that they must content with; then force them to claim the most important agenda: The Constitution, as their function

* * *

That is what you must do. Stop trying to get them to embrace what they defy; but do the opposite: Bring your non-logical concerns to The government, and force them to assert, that they do not have time because their oath, and most important priority, is to the Constitution.

Then they will realize that they have freely chosen to say they have to do something; but their actions have been at odds with that.

Your job is to reach out to anyone you desire, and make contact. Be respectful, but move with the knowledge that you are connected to the Rule of law; and that there is a way to make the opponent scream for what they defy: The Constitution.

We the People have the power to lawfully wear down, grind down, and compel the 536 to grovel under the expansive weight of Our Will. We can literally run circles around them, and there is nothing they can do to stop us.

It is our job, when government refuses to do what t should, to remind the government -- right now -- they have a problem; We the People know; and we have options right now. Without warning. Just do it.

There is only one agenda: The Constitution. All other things are irrelevant. Compel this leadership to focus only on that with your questions, focus, and energy -- do that by exhausting them with "everything else." Their refuge will be their claim that they have "something important" to do. That's right: The Constitution. They need to really do it, not use the Constitution as an excuse to avoid what the President has already confronted: The Constitution.

We the People have the power to compel this Government to agree to one thing: The Constitution. They have no option but to agree to that agenda; any other agreement when superior to the Constitution is illegal. This Congress must be compelled to go on the record to explain and answer whether they are for or Against the Constitution, prudence, and accountability for war crimes. The illusion is that they have a choice; in truth, they fear this because they cannot explain why they have been against what they cannot legally oppose: We the People -- the Constitution.

They scream to pretend the issue is something else. Use that as a measure of their knowledge that they have lost, they know they have no credibility, and that the openly defy their oath. They have no excuses. They shall be lawfully destroyed by We the People easily -- by reminding them that they are irrelevant, and We the People can do what they refuse to do: Provide competent governance.

They wished this.