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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Draft War Crimes Indictment David S. C. Chu

This is a draft war crimes indictment against David S. C. Chu. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

These are allegations, not assertions he has committed war crimes.

* * *


1. David S. C. Chu is an attorney with the Department of Defense.

2. Based on information and belief, David S. C. Chu supported an unlawful conspiracy to avoid confronting the President for war crimes; and permitted the war crimes policies to be illegally implemented when he had a duty and option to refuse, not cooerate, and remove himself form the illegal activity.

3. David S. C. Chu and others in the legal profession had a duty to fully assert their oath of office and Article 82 of the Geneva Convnetions.

4. Chu communicated his lack of inerest in support a debate on some issues, but has not shown interest in important matters.

5. Chu knows, or should knew Article 82 of Geneva and the 5100.77 Laws of War Program.

6. Chu demonstrates that he is able to respond to memorandum, letters, and has a method to file information.

Count 1: Alleged failure to comely with Title 28 and Title 50

7. Title 28 and Title 50 require the President, Attorney General, and staff counsel to document in writing to Congress evidence of illegal activity.

8. Chu and other staff counsel in DOD were in a position to advise senior policy makers, and ensure compliance with legal reporting requirements.

9. These requirements wer not met, as required to comply with Geneva. Evidence that should have been provided to Congress is missing, not available, and has not been provided.

Count 2: Alleged failure to fully comely with Article 82

10. Chu and others failed to fully assert their oath of office, and did not, as required fully ensure Ali Geneva violations were prohibited.

Count 3:Alleged violations of Attorney Standards of Conduct

11. Chu has provided no evidence that he fully complied with Geneva; and there has been noadeuately demonstration that there is any report, as required, with the appropriate authorities.

12. Chu and other staff counsel knew of the illegal activity, were aware of the discussions, and were in a position to understand that the legality of he war was dubious.

13. An attorney such as Chu knew or should have known that the law was not lawful; and Presidential orders were not linked with a lawful assertion of power.


If convicted of the above war crimes by a lawful tribunal, David S. C. Chu should be adjudicated with the death penalty.