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Monday, March 05, 2007

American War Crimes Against Afghans Inspire Anti-NATO Insurgency

US Marines Engaged in War Crimes Against Afghan Civilians, Attempted to Destroy Evidence; Cover Story Discredited; Senior Afghan Government Officials Question American Integrity

Ref The Afghan President shed light on the war crimes against civilians.

"When defeat is near, do more to make your support abandon you.": From the Bush Defeat Doctrine.

* * *

Ten civilians killed. [Ref -- Key names: Khanwali Kamran; APTN; Rahmat Gul; AP Television News; President Hamid Karzai; Jean-Francois Julliard ]

The issue wasn't that the civilian media took photos -- the military was taking photos; the concern was the images getting aired or published.

Apparently, the photographs included American troops.

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US Version Not Credible

There's nothing backing up the US story. US Marine actions not consistent with assertion of "no problem."

Witnesses strongly contested this. The American account of the attack was also disputed by two senior provincial Afghan officials, who asked not to be named. A reporter who spoke to more than a dozen witnesses could find no one to backed up the US claims. Akhtyar Gul, who says that he witnessed the incident, described seeing American forces spraying bullets in all directions, some of which struck his house. Ref

This, on top of the bombing of civilians.