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Thursday, March 08, 2007

FBI Violated Patriot Act -- Shocked, shocked


Ref Bush implicated.


Ref FBI leadership hss fatally openly admitting, failing to deny that they did what the DoJ IG said. FBI making excuses for violating the law despite no emergency, and not follow the warrant requirement.

Ref House/Senate Judiciary/Intelligence committees confirm in writing they are aware of issue. [ House Judiciary ]

Ref All the DNC promises for action in exchange for a vote: Now they want the vote without the action. All those promises and they want more power? Get real.

* * *

President in re Patriot Act: " did not feel obliged to obey requirements "

We the People in re President: " did not feel obliged to allow to finish term "

Ref Wish I'd thought of the President's illegal use of contractors to do this. [/snark] The same contractors involved with the NSA surveillance, NARUS STA, intermediaries for billing, are also linked to the same firms providing data to the GOP.

Ref Helix evidence model connects it.

How much more does the blogosphere need? There's a reasonable basis to start an impeachment inquiry; and for the Congressional committees to direct the US Attorney to work with a Grand Jury to review this evidence:

___ What is the President doing;

___ Which laws have been violated;

___ What are we going to do about it?

There is no option but to find out and determine facts; then we can talk about whether or not those options should be exercised, deferred, ignored, or taken off the table.

Ref Another for the "I wish I thought of that"-[/snark] file.