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Thursday, March 08, 2007

GOP Defiance of Sacred Documents: The Error of Choosing Barbarism Above the Rule of Law

Visitors To America: You're Still Not Welcome

America likes to export its culture, travel abroad in exchanges, and convince the world to listen. Yet, it's been almost six years since 9-11, but America still is a place where visitors aren't as welcome as they used to be.

There's a solution. Americans need to listen to themselves first; then show they practice their sacred manuscripts at home. The example might inspire some Muslims to believe America is serious about respecting written law and sacred texts abroad.

* * *

There's a myth that talking can stop hatred. If you're talking to an American, focused on manipulation and denial, talking isn't productive. It's like dancing with an underwater basket weaver: You're all wet, tied up in knots, and when it’s all done you still don't have much of a basket to show for it.

Americans like to believe that talking might change the mind of foreigners. If only Americans were as receptive to listening as they wish the world would be.

* * *

If America's US Attorneys didn't have so much trouble enforcing the rule of law, America might have something to say when it claims it is a nation that stands for high principles. Before Americans should hope to change world opinion, they might take the time to understand their own culture: It is despicably arrogant, unresponsive, and in denial.

From all corners of America, the leadership will not understand that Americans have many different value systems. Yet, the arrogant leaders in Washington will point to their Constitution -- which they ignore and do not enforce -- and pretend it is something of value. Yet, Americans, as they wander into their enclaves learn the value of government: It is incompetent, unreliable, and populated by thieves.

Some who travel to the Middle East are under the false impression that the locals will not comment. Some when pressed will waive their hand, not wanting to offend: "I don’t know about that," hoping to avoid anything controversial.

It's all well and good for Americans and Muslims to agree to talk. Indeed, Americans should talk among themselves: What do they value about their Constitution; and what do they expect of their leaders to protect it. Perhaps if Americans can find common ground on the existing document, they might have credibility when claiming they can find common ground with those with slightly different backgrounds.

* * *

It is not normal for Americans to open a conversation with, "I talk to Christians." Americans talk openly about their friends, and whether they've run into an unusual person on Broadway. Talking about religion can be as offensive as talking about the rule of law: Some people like it, but many would prefer to focuse on something else more entertaining and light over a well mixed drink, shaken not stirred.

America's leaders may pretend that barriers will drop if they exit their safe green zones, and enter our homes. The truth is America’s leaders should exit their safe Congressional offices and enter the National Archives, taking great pains to examine the Constitution. It is absurd to talk about traveling to reach out to touch the heart of a "poor Muslim," while the "poor Constitution" is left lonely, unsupported, and abandoned like an Iraqi refugee in Syria.

America's leadership is arrogant. It takes an oath to the Constitution, but it spends its term of office pretending it can agree to water it down. That is hardly inspiring, especially for people who value the written word in the Koran. American's unwilling to respect their written laws and documents can hardly be believed they're serious in learning about, much less respecting another view.

It may be inspiring to read about isolated meetings and how Americans reach out to Muslins around the world. If only this inspiring outreach could be with other Americans who dare to put the Constitution before all things: US Attorneys. It is arrogant for the President or GOP leadership to talk about reaching out, finding common ground, yet before us they openly defy and strike down the some of the most powerful people in the US Justice System: Prosecutors. Shame on the President for arrogantly speaking to Muslims as if they were some "novel" creature to reach out to, yet his example with his own Staff Counsel is to be arrogant and rude. IT is for the GOP to explain why they pretend they respect Muslims, but openly defy the prosecutors working in the Department of Justice.

It makes no sense to discuss new visits, arrange special tours, or attend seminars with Muslims, yet the same leadership refuses to sit down with prosecutors and honestly tell them the reason they're being removed from office. How arrogant for Harriet Miers to act in such a condescending way toward Americans finest legal minds, yet Condoleezza Rice is jetting around the globe pretending the reality of American arrogance is something Muslims should forget with a simple smile.

It is unacceptable for the Americans to parrot the notions of the Koran -- with the hope of manipulating others to listen -- yet Americans will not showcase this standard on the political stage. Look at the GOP Senators: They refuse to listen, dialog, or understand. Stop talking about what the world's "duty" under Islam is, and start looking in the mirror: "Have we performed out 5 USC 3331 oath of office duty as we are required?" Perhaps when Americans take their duties seriously, they might credibly invoke the words of the Koran to tell others what they should be doing.

* * *

If Americans want to make progress, they need to stop getting teary eyed over the contacts they might make overseas. The way forward is to first reach out to your fellow Americans and reconsider your duty as an elected official: Have you really listened to your constituents; and do you really intend to put into effect your Committee's obligations under Article I Section 8.

It may be inspiring to look into the eyes of Muslim youth, with the wispy notion you are finally making contact. However, before you spend your time traveling, consider making contact with American values, and visit the Constitution. Then ask yourself: "Can I honestly look into those who practice Islam and tell them to do something that we refuse to do: Put into effect written text in our daily life." America has no national religion, but is does have a sacred document: The Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.

When American's treat these documents with the reverence they deserve, and put these documents before all things, Americans may understand why others put their faith first: It is what they value, but they don’t just talk about it, they live it.

America's leadership should stop talking about the "anger" of Muslim youth, and focus on the anger of the GOP. They remain resentful. Their leadership has failed them. America’s leadership must accept that a failed political party, when not managed but becomes a NeoCon mob, can mobilize a nation to do very nasty things.

If only Americans would spend translating their Constitution into actions and inspiring results, the world might seriously consider whether the world's Muslims are or are not listening. They are noticing the effort to reach out, but that effort is not matched by balanced effort at home.

It is one thing to talk about understanding the notion of the rule of law, quite another to see that notion undermined when US Attorneys are actively targeted by their peers within the Department of Justice. When the Attorney General shows respect for both the Constitution and the US Attorneys, Muslims might believe he's serious about respecting those who have a different view of the American legal system.

Please encourage the American leadership to reach out to Muslims not with a false intention to pretend to listen, but with the gift of example: Show the world that America takes seriously important documents at home in the Capital Rotunda. When the world sees that America respects written texts they take an oath to defend, perhaps Muslims might believe that Americans have started the journey to understand what inspires others to put the Koran before all things.

Unless Americans put into effect their values and respect the law of the land, it's little difference whether other nations embrace what type of Islam. America will have chosen to embrace what is inferior, while pretending the world must choose something that is superior. This is contemptible arrogance.

Americans must learn to support the moderates in the GOP who are willing to stand up to the President, and remind him that he is not above the Constitution or rule of law. Until the GOP sees that the world is on their side, they will remain a target for the world's most devout loyalists who put the written text above the inferior word of man.

The error of this administration was to pretend it can wage war against those who value written text. It makes little difference whether they are in an insurgent stronghold or in the US Attorney's office. America will be safe when it accepts that a devotion to the Koran is an example for Americans: The world needs to see a devotion to the US Constitution.

When that devotion inspires the White House to freely admit it has abused US Attorneys, and they voluntarily end their arrogant rebellion against the US Constitution, the world might believe that Americans are willing to show the world by example that it is right to be devout to something that is written. Then the world might believe that Americans are serious about understanding others who have just as much passion about other sacred documents. Then Americans will have credibility when they say they are attempting to reach out and share common ground.