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Thursday, March 08, 2007

House Decision To End Support US War In Iraq

Ref Mr. President, Congress can choose to end funding, and make it clear: "America will no longer support combat operations after ___X___-date."

Your job is to work within the budget, not make excuses.

* * *

When the NAVY decides it's going to do something, it says, "We will no longer support this weapon system with any additional funding after ___X___-date." The NAVY will transition to another option, but the primary weapon system gets cut.

That's that. It's done.

It's appropriate for the Congress to do the same in Iraq: "After ___X___-date, the US House will no longer support funding for Iraq."

It's the job of the President to fit withing that deadline.

If he refuses, the GOP Senators can go to the President: Unless you resign, we'll convict and remove.

Yes, Presidents can and should be subject to removal during wartime: When a military operation is this messed up, there's no reason to spend any more money on a buffoon war; and while we're at it, let's get rid of the buffoon from the political landscape.