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Friday, March 09, 2007

State Proclamation For Impeachment Gets Excellent Feedback from New Mexico

New Mexico State GOP and DNC 'Leaders' Say Illegal Activity OK, and Alleged Violations of 5 USC 3331 Are 'Not An Issue'

All resistance to what is required and lawful is useful information to share with the voters. The rest of the nation can learn from what happened in New Mexico. This is not a setback, but valuable feedback others can apply. Voters are getting important information about whether the leadership they have is or is not using sound reasoning.

The information from New Mexico is good news for voters: We no longer have to wonder whether the leadership is or isn't able to assert their oath. This leadership is making the same frivolous excuses to not fully assert their oath.

Ref The same inquiry prompting reviews of calls to US Attorneys to block or prompt action needs to be applied to the calls DNC and GOP leaders made to dissuade New Mexico legislators from fully asserting their oath of office.

These are alleged violations of 5 USC 3331: Refusal to fully assert ones oath of office.

Desi Brown has details.

* * *

GOP and DNC Leadership in New Mexico Discredited

Ref Chris Atencio, acting executive director of the state Republican Party believes that New Mexico state officials don't need to be worried about the Constitution.

On the contrary, Chris. Your job is to put the US Constitution first. Big mistake. The voters have until election time to review whether you and the alleged war criminals in your Republican party are or are not fit to be trusted with power.

As evidenced by this, Chris, it doesn't add up to argue the states have "something else to do": No, state citizens what you to assert your oath, do your job, and protect teh Constitution. Pointing to a phony "agenda" means your leadership is about make smokescreens and excuses, not doing your job, as required, to compel Members of Congress to force the issue. Those who fail to use all lawful options can be adjudicated to have not fully asserted their oath of office.

The problem for DNC Leaders in New Mexico is to explain why "doing nothing" is consistent with their oath of office. New leaders, outside the GOP and DNC, can be found to marginally do more than either the Republicans or Democrats are willing to do.

* * *

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Ref Some have suggested the DNC supported the GOP's illegal rebellion against the Constitution because they were duped into believing that holding leaders to account would "backfire." If that's the case, and this would "backfire on the DNC", why didn't the Republicans call for something that would blow up in the Democrats face?

Ref GOP failed to bring the issue to the table -- missed a chance to make the DNC look bad. Why would the stupid GOP leadership in NM not do what would undermine the DNC? Answer: The threatened backlash is a ruse to intimidate the DNC; the stupid DNC leadership were poodles to non-sense arguments. You want leadership like this in New Mexico? You deserve better.

Ref RNC threats are meaningless.

Ref Which US prosecutors will refuse to bring charges against the President, as they have the means to do?

Ref New Mexico defers to HBO on legal oversight.

The real answer: Claims that this might backfire are meaningless. IT can hardly be said that fact finding is bad, especially when we need information to make decisions about what will be done. Out of fear the GOP and DNC have jointly agreed to do nothing.

New Mexicans Get Great News

There's no doubt the Republicans and Democrats in the New Mexico state legislature have little concept of their oath of office.

The refusal to consider a Senate Judiciary report is the only evidence voters need to consider when asking: "Who do we trust to fulfill their responsibilities?"

All state officials take an oath to the US Constitution. When Congress falls down on the job and refuses to act, the issue is whether state officials, seeing that inaction, do or do not fully assert their oath.

It doesn't matter whether the GOP likes the oath of office, Constitution, or Supremacy Clause. The oath of office for all state legislators is clear: The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. The problem the NM GOP has is dealing with the voter backlash. New Mexicans learned they cannot trust their state legislators to put the Constitution first. That is their highest duty.

Arguments that there are "other" things to do are meaningless. If the highest requirement isn't met, then the lesser duties have to take a second seat.

The issue for New Mexico to decide: DO we want to have special elections to remove from office the State legislators who refuse to do what Congress will not do: Assert the rule of law. Refusing to put the US Constitution first is arguably reckless and evidence that a State Legislator is not fit for office.

The voters of New Mexico are free to accept the result: Your state leadership, as the officials in Washington, DC have told the world: We put a higher loyalty to not facing reality, than in finding a way to fully assert our oath of office.

When it was tough, the GOP in New Mexico refused to do its job. When it is easy, there's no reason to believe they'll do the right thing: Look at the leadership they have in DC: Wilson and Domenici. Wonder where they got the idea that New Mexico voters wouldn't do anything about the phone calls to the uS Attorneys?

Fortunately, when New Mexico won't act, the House Judiciary will: Fact finding, and more information about the New Mexico delegation. Either way, those who refuse to do their jobs can be held to account.

* * *

Chris Atencio, inaction on the rule of law is not impressive. It can hardly be called "responsible" when you allegedly recklessly refuse to do what your oath of office requires: Put the US Constitution first, protect it, and stand up for it, even from the domestic enemies inside your own party.

A decision to do nothing, and make sure a resolution goes nowhere is valuable information: It tells us, despite the Constitutional requirement, that the elected leadership chose to not fully assert its oath. That is not permissible. The way forward is for New Mexico residents to find new leaders who are marginally more interested in their oath office. Refusing to act when one is required, by oath, to do something, is probative and admissible when reviewing the oath of office.

Indeed, Atencio "needs to refocus his time and talents on fulfilling his duties to the constituents in his district" -- that means putting his oath of office first, not making excuses to narrowly look at the US Constitution as only about what is or isn't going on in New Mexico. How were those phone calls to Congresswoman Wilson and Senator Diminici; and who inside the GOP got the NSA transcripts about information the DoJ and White House did not directly get from the US Attorneys office? The State legislators said, despite the strange calls to the US Attorneys, that New Mexico residents don't deserve to find out what is really going on with the Constitution.

* * *

What Kind of Leaders Does New Mexico Want?

"Presumably, this is why the voters in his . . .County district elected him to the state Senate to begin with":

____ To do nothing

____ To not assert their oath

____ To assent to illegal warfare

____ To remain silent about GOP war crimes

____ To do nothing to assert his oath to demand fact finding

____ To make excuses

____ To not focus on a problem

____ To not support an effort to fully defend the Constitution

____ To enable war criminals

____ To do nothing to put pressure on Congress to confront the President

What kind of leadership is that: Ones who cannot be trusted to think clearly, assert their oath, and provide leadership?

That is hardly something that would inspire confidence in the GOP delegation in New Mexico. But hay, like Karl Rove said, he's got the math.

* * *

Do the math: The GOP isn't fully asserting its oath, but making excuses to assent to illegal warfare, violations of the Consttion, and pretending that it is fit to be your leadership. Not impressive, but that's what the New Mexico delegation is telling the residents of New Mexico: "We've got more important things than the US Constitution to worry about."

No, the New Mexico leadership has nothing to worry about because they cannot be sure that they will remain in office: They are unfit to be respected or trusted to put the US Constitution before the political interests of Sen. Domenici and Rep. Wilson.

Voters, mark you ballots accordingly. Thank you for you inputs. You know what your leadership is capable of doing. You get to digest the results and find new leaders who are marginally more interested in the US Constitution than the alleged war criminals in the GOP who have expanded illegal warfare, and would have the world believe that a rebellion against the rule of law is "someone else's concern."

Your leadership failed you when they were confronted with an important issue. IT can hardly be said that the leadership in New Mexico are going to have an easy time justifying confidence in anyone's mind that they can be trusted with access to more power.