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Friday, March 09, 2007

House Judiciary Implicitly Asking For Details on Illegal NSA Data Given to GOP

Ref Reading between the lines:

* * *

___ What is the time line, flow of information, and decision tree from [a] the point NSA intercepted the information from the US Attorneys office; to [b] the final decision the President and Attorney General made to target the US Attorneys?

____ Why was this unlawful activity illegally classified in violation of ORCON?

____ What is going to be done to prevent this similar abuse of power from occurring again; compel oversight; and impose timely solutions?

____ Where is the GOP plan to remedy the problems they have created with respect to abusing power, illegally using NSA-intercepted information for political objectives, and their arrogant refusal to assent to the legal process to prevent this abuse of power from ever occurring?

____ Where are the documents from contractors related to NSA intercepts given to the GOP: Intercept targets; translation orders; treating coordinated for the NARUS STA; and the direction to contractors to treat illegal information as "training"?

____ How did the Members of Congress get notification of the FBI and US Attorney Action: That the FBI and US Attorney were possibly investigating something, yet this information had not been released outside the FBI to either the GOP or the Attorney General?

____ Who inside the NSA contracting community intercepted the US Attorney's office and provided information about the timing of the US Attorney action to the GOP, White House, and Attorney General?

____ Which NSA contractor provided to GOP Members of Congress information which the NSA illegally collected related to ongoing law enforcement activities?

____ What was the means by which the GOP obtained these NSA intercepts from the civilian contractors?

____ Why was the GOP using NSA intercept data gleaned from classified DOJ Operations for partisan purposes?

____ What was the plan of the President when it was disclosed how the US attorneys were being pressured based on information only available through the NSA?

____ How does the GOP explain why Members of Congress knew enough about when a classified complaint was filed with the FBI or US Attorney's office to know when it was "reasonable" that something might be surfacing near the election?

____ Who did the GOP pay funds to prior to the election to provide the adverse information about the US Attorneys to the Department of Justice?

____ What was the basis for the outside contractors indirectly linked with the NSA and GOP to conclude that the timing of the delivery to the DOJ was sufficient lead-time away from the election to expect bad news to surface just prior to the voters making their voting decision?

____ What was the Vice President and Addington planning to do when it was shown that specific information deliberately sent through communication systems which NSA cannot intercept was illegally acted upon; but the information was known to be incorrect, only available through one source, and designed to test wetter the GOP did or did not illegally use this information?

____ When did the GOP suspect that the NSA communication channels had been compromised?

____ Why was the GOP pretending that information about the FBI, supposedly related to open activities, would be available; but other actions supposedly hidden were not available?

____ Did it not occur to anyone in the GOP that the NSA intercepts of the FBI and US Attorney actions would be known; but that classified FBI investigations, regardless their public or private occurrence, would be disclosed?

____ When did it occur to the GOP that pretending that only FBI public acts would get transferred; but there was evidence inside NSA that the private FBI and US Attorney information was known?

____ Did the GOP have a plan to resolve discrepancies between the ruse information provided in open sources; with the information that was privately sent through methods that the NSA could not detect?

____ Once the German war crimes prosecutor used intelligence gathering methods that the NSA cannot detect, what was the GOP plan to handle the surprising things war crimes prosecutors were learning?

____ Did the GOP have a plan to handle war crimes prosecutors knowledge that the illegal activity, once though to be protected from the NSA, was not being protected from higher priority problems of war crimes?

____ What was the GOP's explanation for only responding to information which NSA intercepted; but not responding to other information the NSA was not able to intercept?

____ When did it occur to the GOP that GCHQ had copies of both sets of information: One set the GOP responded to and was intercepted by NSA; but a second set which NSA did not intercept, but was sent and received, yet the GOP did not respond to?

____ When did it sink into the mind of the GOP that the information illegally gleaned from FISA violations was known to have been used for war crimes?

____ Did the contractors remove themselves from the illegal activity?

____ When did the Republicans know that illegal data gleaned from NSA surveillance was being illegally used to target Americans, harass people who dared to ask questions, and target those who dared to question the illegal war crimes?

____ Did it enter the minds of the GOP defense counsel that the illegal activity was known to foreign fighters and forming the basis for planning to be directed against DOJ Staff counsel, NSA contractors, and US civilian legal counsel?

____ When did it occur, in the context of the Military Commissions Act, that the Republicans and DOJ-NSA contractors could be implicated for war crimes and lawfully rendered to The Hague for war crimes adjudication?

____ Did it ever enter the minds of the GOP that the same methods used to convict Libby and surprise his legal counsel were in place and providing evidence to war crimes prosecutors for purposes of lawfully adjudicating war crimes by the President, Do Staff counsel, and Department of Defense?

____ When did it sink into the minds of the Members of Congress in the Republican party that, because they failed to prevent war cries and did not prevent illegal policies from being put into effect, that they could be adjudicated for war crimes?

____ When did legal counsel suddenly realize that the war crimes evidence captured by NSA directly implicated The White House counsel for their knowledge of the illegal Geneva war crimes?

____ Based on the "chatter" NSA was intercepting, and forwarded to the GOP, when did it sink into the GOP legal counsel's mind the serious problem they faced: Public knowledge of war crimes planning; failure to end that illegal policy; and the real prospect foreign fighters could lawfully enter the nation's capital and engage in direct, lawful combat operations against US government officials?

____ How many informants to the GOP did the White House direct to be targeted for raising issues of incompetence in the legal community, the law enforcement sector, and stupidity in the American government for their complicity with war crimes?

____ How far did the GOP pretend it would take this abuse of power against its own members before it faced the natural consequence of its abuse of power: An inability to defend the nation's capital against a lawful attack by foreign fighters engaged in lawful retaliation for the GOP's spreading war crimes?

____ How many contractors in the NSA and DOD did the GOP expect to assent to war crimes before they agreed to turn evidence over to the war crimes prosecutors?

____ Did the GOP fail to see that the Department of Justice staff counsel who has been abused would forever agree to be a poodle and never speak out about the arrogant GOP abuse of power?

____ What was the GOP leadership thinking while these war crimes were occurring: That nobody would ever do anything?

____ Does the GOP leadership comprehend the extent to which its complicity with war crimes has been secured using methods the NSA cannot detect, and that evidence is awaiting adjudication by the war crimes tribunals?

____ How does the GOP legal counsel explain the surprise Libby had with information that the NSA never intercepted, but proved important in convicting Libby?

____ How did the prosecutors know about the illegal activity, ruse, and basis to question the asserted excuses Libby and the Vice President were giving to the Grand Jury?

____ Where are the Member of Congress memorandum related to the known problems which were never documented, as required, per the Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports.

* * *

The Big Clue: We the People lawfully coordinated a war crimes investigation and are prepared to lawfully engaged the GOP leadership. Either Congress gets the information they need to adjudicate these war rimes connected with the GOP illegal use of NSA intercepts; or The Hague is going to do this.

There is no statute of limitations on war crimes. There are two options to resolve this dispute: Either in the legal process before Congress and the courts; or the second, less preferred, lawful combat.

This illegal GOP rebellion against the rule of law shall end. These are the options for the GOP while they let their imminent surrender take hold. Either

A. the GOP and complicit NSA contractors cooperate with the Congressional inquiry into these US Attorney firings and the issues of war crimes as they related to the NSA providing data to the GOP; or

B. foreign fighters shall be delegated power, through the Geneva conventions, to lawfully retaliate, target, engage, and render all GOP personnel, US government employees, contractors, and legal counsel allegedly complicit with these war crimes to other forums where these matters can be lawfully resolved.

They wished for this.