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Friday, March 09, 2007

Action Alert: Referendum on GOP and DNC Leadership

Ref Share this with your friends, focusing on 16:20 discussion on other high crimes, grave breaches of the Constitution.

Ref Here's a summary of the major efforts New Mexico legislators did to stall the effort. Be prepared in other states for the same surprises. The GOP is expanding their illegal rebellion against the rule of law. Apply the lessons learned.

Ref Lessons learned from Vermont apply -- getting ready for the possible excuse for inaction in your state.

* * *

The problems in the Congress have seeped into the State Legislatures. Not to worry: The State Legislators have the same problem: They have to confront the voters.

I would encourage those on Team COnyers, Kos, and Conyers Blog to take a step back and consider the other blogspots from Constant related to the New Mexico impeachment proclamation lessons.

As with Vermont, it's not the time to give up, but to find the lessons, and work to apply these lessons in other states.

The video link above is intended to give you a place to start a discussion. What is happening now with the state proclamations is not unprecedented, but consistent with the action taken against Nixon. It was the American people in the wake of the Saturday Night Massacre that refused to let the US slide int a banana republic. Only then did the Congress act.

Other Committees can work on other things. Congress will not grind to a halt. Rather, it is the State Legislators who will be a barometer for the interest the national leadership has in doing what they need to do: Protect the Constitution.

Please encourage your friends to view the video, focusing on 16:20 onward, and remind your friends that it is the American public that started the work to put the Constitution before Nixon. We can do the same in 2007.

Elected officials who put their party before the Constitution and We the People may pay a heavy price in the 2008 election. We the People are the ones that they are responsible to; their party is no shield to We the People.

Good luck.

* * *

Issue: Americans are ready for leadership, change, and accountability. Members of Congrfss and State legislators who refuse to put their oath to the US Constitution first are unift for office.

Study What Did Or Didn't Happen And Apply The Lessons

Ref State level grass roots effort to raise the issue: Explore what got in the way; and which State leaders are refusing to put their oath of office first. State citizens may choose to hold their state officials accountable for refusing to confront this issue.

Ref State proclamations produce a result, and this is a responsibility of elected officials to put the Constitution first. This holds our elected officials accountable. The proclamation is a request that will force Congress to make a decision on the record whether to vote for or against an investigation. This is not an impeachment by the State.

Ref NM Rules Committee -- Call by citizens of a state to Congress to initiate impeachment. Acton is required, otherwise we are enabling Members of Congress not to fully assert their oath. The way forward is to compel Congress to go on the record to debate whether to investigate serious breaches of the Constitution.

All fifty states can learn the lessons of these efforts, resubmit state level proclamations, and work with others to force the state legislators to put their oath to the US Constitution before all things. The US Constitution is the number one priority.