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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ethics Investigation into NM State Legislature

Ref NM GOP leadership linked with calls to White House to have US Attorney in NM fired.

Ref TPM on linkes bewteen WHite HOuse and firings via the NM GOP leadership.

* * *

A. Members of the senate shall conduct themselves in a manner that justifies the confidence placed in them by the people. The members shall not use their offices for private gain and shall at all times maintain the integrity and discharge ethically the high responsibilities of their legislative positions.

It can hardly be said that refusing to discuss an issue of the US Constitution is one that justifies confidence in the New Mexico state legislature.

It appears, for apparent private gain not necessarily consistent with their oath to teh US Constution, New Mexico State Legislators have used their position of trust and office to thwart lawful effort to fully assert their oath of office.

Normally, if there were a legitmate problem with a committee action or procedure, yet there were bonafide effort to protect the COnstituiton, then the leadership would have devised a solution, as opposed to an excuse.

Some have suggested there is not time to review the issues of COngressoinal inaction on imepachment investigations; yet, the New Mexico legsilature apepars to have time to organize, thwart reviews, and ensure thier excuses are consistent with the national party leadership. This hardly suggests there is no time or resources to lead, but that the leadership is not sufficiently interested in putting their oath of office before the political agendas.

____ What was the privagte gain the New Mexico State Legislators were offered if tey blocked action?

____ How can it be said that a proclamtion callni on Congress to impeach wiould be a "backlash"; yet there is no effort by the New Mexico leadership to put the full bill into effect and create the backlash they said would occur?

Speulative threats of what may or may not happen in teh wake of an impeaachment proclamation are not matched by the inaction in putting into effect any plan to bring these spposed adverse results to fruition.

* * *

Senators are barred from respresnting the President of the United States before the legislature.

C. To avoid undue influence, a senator shall not: (1) appear for, represent or assist another person in any matter before a state agency,

___ How does the Legislature explain inaction on an oath of office issue?

___ What capacity are the Senators appearing for, assistaninc, or representing the President before state agencies?

* * *

Avoidance of Specualtive Harm

(1) a senator shall not accept anything of value that improperly influences an official act, decision or vote; 42 of 56

___ What promises were made by the Federal government to the legislators of New Mexico if they removed the State Proclamation for imepachment from the agenda?

___ What promise, orother thing of value did the New Mexico state legislators acquire, ahve promosed, or implied would be withheld if they took or did not take action to fully assert their oath of office?