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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Leadership in re Impeachment; Race for White House

Leaders who claim inaction on Presidential criminal activity can hardly be called fit for the Presidency, or be trusted to honor the Presidential oath.

But enough of speculative performance, the issue is what is their oath today and are they doing it? No.

Debates of the "merits" of not asserting ones oath for future benefit are meaningless.

* * *

If we can't rust them to assert their oath today, why should we trust them with more power.

The DNC and GOP cannot credibly argue they are fit for leadership in the White House. Both have jointly refused to do today what they are obligated to do.

Their oath is to bind them to action.

These rebels choose to put partisan goals below today's legal requirements.

WE need not debate what might happen in 2008. It is certain: Despite their oath, they refuse to enforce the law.

They cannot be serious to believe they'll enforce the law with more power. They'll make new excuses for the "next election" to not do what is required today.

We the People need to see leadership today on impeachment. The oath requires enforcing the law. Without leadership and enforcement against the President, the DNC and GOP leadership cannot argue they will provide leadership or enforce the law as President.

They may believe impeachment is off the table -- it is not; We the People can lay their arguments on the table and force them to dine. Let them starve.

Famished leaders, devoid of a legal foundation, are not long leaders. They become prisoners to the jailer.