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Sunday, March 11, 2007

President Directed Staff to Illegally Mislead Congress

AG Gonzalez Performance Problems Have Stayed On the Table Too Long

Ref The US Attorneys were supposedly fired because of performance issues. If Impeachment is off the table (for now), then Gonzalez' performance problems remain on the table.

The President fired US Attorneys who refused to buckle under this President's direct pressure. The President pretends he fired them because of "performance issues."

The President is lying and directing others to corruptly mislead Congress. While Gonzalez remains Attorney General with his real performance problems, the less plausible the excuse for firing US Attorneys for sham performance "problems."

* * *

This President has lied in making up an excuse to fire US Attorneys. Fine. Let's take him at his word: Those who are not performing should get canned. Let's see the President apply the same standard of "preference problems" to the Attorney General.

The longer the President does nothing about real performance problems in the Attorney Generals office, the less plausible the explanations for the US Attorney firings.

If this President refuses to fire the Attorney General for real performance problems, then we know the explanations given to Congress about why the US Attorneys were fired were distortions designed to corrupt an official Congressional proceeding. This President is stuck. He has used others to corrupt Congress; and his firings are for partisan reasons, not legitimate management issues.

The President knowingly used unconstitutional Congressional language to assign US Attorneys in violation of the Constitution. These are serious matters. DoJ Staff and the President are brazenly lying to Congress about what they are doing.

We the People voted for change. We're getting the same. Shame on this President for firing those who did the right thing, and for not firing those who are unable to tell right from wrong. Speaker Pelosi is wrong in taking impeachment off the table. Time for We the People to move the table. The Speaker can find somewhere else to sit. We the People need to talk.