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Sunday, March 11, 2007

We the People Voted For Change, Not DNC Betrayal

It’s worth comparing pressure applied to US Attorneys and State Legislators

To our face, the Speaker will say that she's heard the call for change. Behind our backs, she's asking her friends in the DNC to pressure the State legislators, “encouraging” them not to take action on state proclamations calling for impeachment.

Some inappropriate pressure is, as George Orwell might suggest, more good.

What You Can Do: Ref Arguments for inaction are uncompelling. Take the time to weigh in at Kos.

* * *

The US Attorney firings are instructive. The US Attorneys were under pressure to do or not do things.

The lessons apply to the DNC. They have been making similar phone calls. But instead to US Attorneys, they've been calling their political allies in the states. The DNC aim has been to thwart action by state citizens to issue proclamations calling for Congress to investigate the President.

Put aside the GOP got us into this mess. Their turn at the war crimes tribunal will come. There is no statue of limitations for Geneva violations.

Let’s consider the alternative. It’s difficult to take the DNC seriously. They discuss the US Attorney firing and pressure Members of Congress applied to US Attorneys to support election goals. Yet, like pressure applied to the US Attorneys, DNC and GOP Members of Congress have put pressure on state officials to block state proclamations calling for Congress to investigate Presidential crimes.

You got that right: Members of Congress, complaining about pressure applied to US Attorneys, are applying pressure on the states to [wait for it ] do nothing. Nothing like t advocates for change staying the same; or enabling more recklessness which supposedly prompted the voters to call for change.

The absurdity and reckless abuse of power is hardly distinguishable: DNC “shock” over GOP pressure on US Attorneys; or DNC pressure on State legislators not to debate issues of impeachment. Hardly sends a signal that things have changed, just more of the same. Congress won’t do its job; now puts pressure on others to agree with that recklessness.

* * *

Congress has yet to explain why it refuses to do what it should on its own. Inaction on legal issues can hardly be the basis for the DNC to justify confidence that they deserve more power: They'll have more excuses not to use it.

Anything the DNC is saying about the US Attorney firings -- by way of undue pressure -- applies to the DNC on the state proclamations. Similarly, the excuses the GOP is going for their inappropriate conduct is fair warning for what the DNC is capable of doing: Spewing forth nonsense to justify a double standard.

This does not mean that the DNC is in bed with the GOP. It means that they're sitting at the same table which they jointly say that We the People are not invited.

Small problem: We the People are the table. And we can move the table somewhere else.

* * *

The choice is not between DNC or GOP excuses for meddling; but between the Constitution and illegal activity.

All Members of Congress and their staff are subject to eternal review. The elections, laws, and ethics standards exist as real benchmarks.

We the People can make adverse inferences. The GOP-DNC response of "go stemware else" applies to the US Government: Take your non-sense somewhere else.

We the People can find new leadership. This does not mean that a third party has to be developed, although that is an option; rather, it can mean more effective oversight by WE the People of the Political Machines.

Independent audits are possible.

Outside entities may hire and train personnel who are experienced in conducting audits of the legal services industry, and reporting publicly whether the US legal and auditing industries are fully asserting their oath.

The US capital markets can support more effective industry standards when legal and auditing fiduciaries refuse to do their job to check legal counsel and auditing peer malfeasance.

* * *

It is not appropriate for the DNC leadership, especially the Speaker, to publicly talk about change, but behind our backs do more of what got us into this mess: Actively thwart people from holding government officials to account.

We the People can find new leadership, raise the standards, and impose lawfully financial consequences on the entities which refuse to do their jobs: Pension funds, financial services, and other economic entities which provide funds for Members of Congress.

The scope of the resistance is a measure of the abuse of power. The resistance of the status quo is the refusal to change what should be changed; and the resistance of We the People is our refusal to accept what must be changed.

Those in the financial sector who opposed Elliot Spitzer as Attorney General have a problem. He did not give up, but is more powerful. He did not give up, but is more powerful as NY State governor.

Be careful what you resist. The Iraqi insurgency did not back down. Neither shall We the People using lawful, non violent methods. That which does not end, emboldens that which cannot end: We the People.