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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chamberlain's Lesson for the DNC

The error is to point to issues of war, and pretend that prudence can be cast aside.

Chamberlain's lesson for the DNC is simple: The issue was not war and confrontation;; but whether the leadership was or was not doing what should be done.

Chamberlain lost because he was not doing what needed to be done. It is secondary that the issue was war. Chamberlain's fate was sealed when he refused to confront the wrong.

* * *

Saddam was confronted in 1990, then kept in a box. Congress can decide whether it will or will not hold this President to account for waging illegal war. If Congress refuses to confront what confronts the Constitution, then Congress is complicit.

Congress has no power to compel anyone to believe that inaction is action; or that reckless defiance of the oath is sufficient.

Chamberlain is fair notice: Leaders who refuse to solve problems and do what needs to be done -- whatever that most important things is -- cannot be sure of anything, most of all that they will have support.

The DNC leadership may choose to do what is wrong, but their leadership does not mean that they are right. Wrong leaders doing the wrong things are not leaders, but wrong.

The alternative is to find leaders who will do what is right. Chamberlain did not understand this.

We the People do.