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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mason's Manual on Parliamentary Procedure

Evaluating Whether the DNC Control of Congress Could Be Improved

It's one thing to talk about change, but continue providing excuses to thwart effective governance.

Mason's Manual on Parliamentary Procedure is useful to review when evaluating the DNC approach to state proclamations on impeachment, and their refusal to accept impeachment remains an option. Ref

* * *

The Mason's Rules on Parliamentary Procedure is a set of rules and guidelines that help evaluate whether procedures are or are not appropriate.

IF we quickly review the rules, it becomes apparent that the US and State Governments are for the most party fairly good. How they implement those procedures, especially on issues of war crimes and Presidential abuse of power, is a different matter.

IN general we measure the government using Mason's Rules by the results. If we have the right procedures, but the results are absurd, then the results are not good, but can be improved.

The DNC and GOP joint failure has been to confront the President; and then pretend that we are a model society for the Iraqis.

What You Can Do

Take the time to review the Mason's Rules of Parliamentary procedure Ref ; then consider this exercise to encourage Members of Congress to fully implement these guidelines. You'll be in a better position to share ideas of what you think needs to be solved, and what might be done differently to do what needs to be done: Fully protect the US Constitution from domestic enemies.

When leadership refuses to lead, We the People have a job to do.