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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rove Lies To Distract Attention From NSA Info Illegally Given To GOP

Ref Rove is "admitting" he made calls because the prosecutors were "getting in the way" of "GOP Efforts" to look into DNC election fraud.

What a a load of non-sense!

* * *

Rove's "admission" of involvement is meaningless: He's admitting to absurdity. Nobody in the White House was concerned about voter fraud: The White House was actively implementing fraudulent tactics -- The entire Iraq WMD sham was designed to corrupt the election. Or did everyone forget Libby just got convicted?

For Rove to "admit" to doing anything related to a "concern with voters" is meaningless. That "admission" is linked with a smokescreen.

* * *

Remember Rove's resistance over the Plame Leak. He refused to cooperate, then backed down, and was finally canned. Sure, he's got influence.

But today's speedy introduction of Rove suggests that the White House and outside legal counsel have a major problem, have run out of options, and have to throw Rove under the bus. This is a bad sign for those remaining.

What better strategy that get Rove to "admit" to something; hopefully the public won't look closely at the absurdity of what he's admitting.

* * *


1. Rove's admission of involvement is fatal: He's involved with something that is inappropriate. It's too early to judge how much he was really involved, or with what.

2. Rove's admission of "doing good things for the voters" is meaningless. This is ruse admission.

3. The White House as a bigger legal problem on its hands, still to surface. It's more likely linked with very serious legal issues involving money, contractors, and very bad things. And more.

4. The US DoJ Staff counsel and White House counsel have a major war crimes-Geneva violations-problem on their hands that they can't shake.

5. Legal counsel are stuck. Nobody's making any deals with them. They can get subpoenaed. And the DOJ OPR (finally) can openly talk about what the President and Gonzalez were blocking.

6. The classified Senate Judiciary briefing, as were the FISA briefings, are "classified" with the intent to distract from the real problem: NSA contractors have illegally given Gonzalez and the President data about classified US Attorney investigations.

7. Personnel outside the US Attorneys office injected information into the FBI and Justice System with the intent that by the summer of 2006, the FBI would dig deep into a fabricated corruption scandal which backfired.

8. Someone inside DoJ has got the goods on the President, Gonzalez, Addington, Berenson, and Yoo. War crimes prosecutors know which memos to ask for; and the Judiciary Committee has the right questions to ask.

9. This is worse than Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre.

10. NSA contractors have something to worry about: The information they illegally provided to the White House about US Attorney Communications was used to support war crimes, and attaches liability to the US Contractors for having failed to remove themselves from the illegal activity. It's sinking into the NSA contractors that there is no statute of limitations for what they've done. They're stuck.

11. There are some very worried DoJ Staff counsel who know they may not only lose their license to practice law, but could soon be facing a war crimes tribunal. This isn't Saturday Morning Cartoons-time. This is the real deal, and its about them. They're stuck and have no place to hide.

12. The GOP Senators are starting to wonder if this isn't Nixon II: Them gathering a group and having a nice chat with the President.

* * *

The DNC leadership has been talking about "higher priorities." Fine. Then the same applies to the GOP: The country has issues to deal with. We don't have time to mess around with this non-sense. Time for them to resign.

If the GOP rebels inside the Department of Justice to do not resign, then the fact that they require to distract attention from the important issues means their leadership is going to pay a stiff political price.

Nobody in the White House is going to get a free ride on this one. They've messed up.