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Sunday, March 11, 2007

US Attorneys Offer Example To US Govt Employees and Contractors

Contractors and US Government employees should take note of the US Attorney's courage in resisting what is wrong: Impermissible abuse and bullying for illegal objecgtives.

All civilian contractors and Federal Employees can do the same. You will get support. People will listen. Your insight can help end what is not permissible.

Time to challenge the recklessness within the ranks of the Senior Executive Service. They hae an oath. Their job is to provide leadership to protect the Constitution, not make excuses to support illegal efforts to leave it in an inferior state.

* * *

Ref Reed: Kw="Lassie"

There is reason for hope for US Government employees who are under threat; or contractors who have been bullied to remain silent about abuses.

The lesson for all US government employees is simple: If you choose the Constitution and your requirement to lawfully, fully assert your oath, you will have the support of We the People. The US Attorneys have learned they have support for refusing to be bullied.

The abuse of power is wrong. You have allies outside who are willing to stand up for you. And you are not alone.

The US Attorneys were brave in standing up to Congress, then in defying the leadership who was doing what was wrong.

We the People have the power to find the answers and can make adverse inferences. The US Attorneys who refused to do what they should can be called to account.

* * *

The American government's Senior Executive Service needs to be openly challenged. They have the same oath as anyone. Their job is to lead, not make excuses to enable what is not permissible.

Sometimes, it is difficult to believe that We the People understand; or that Congress will get it right. We the People can only stand with you when you refuse to do with is wrong.

Others inside government, whether you are in the intelligence community, working for a contractor, or well placed inside the National Security Council have reason for hope. We the People are willing to stand by you if you are willing to stand by the Constitution.