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Thursday, January 04, 2007

White House Counsel Inadequate To Assist President

Miers resigned because the President has too many legal problems, and not enough talent or experience in the White House Counsel's office.

The staff changes are part of a larger legal effort to beef up the President's legal team who has a disaster on his hands: Alleged war crimes, investigations, and no credible legal defenses.

* * *

DoJ Staff counsel would private the primary legal defense for the President before Congress and The Hague.

The President's legal problems are daunting, and Miers is not in a position to provide assistance.

As Counsel, Miers would have been in a mess: Organizing President's legal defense during upcoming trials before the War Crimes prosecutors; coordinating thorny legal issues with the Department of Justice; and still providing legal advice to the President.

Miers has not yet been named on the war crimes indictment.

Miers could be called as a witness; or prosecuted as a defendant for allegedly failing to fully enforce the Geneva Conventions, or timely ensuring that all prisoners were lawfully treated as required under the laws of war.