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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Saddam Supported Recognition of Isreal

Saddam explicitly stated he would have been willing to work to recognize Israel if the Palestinians had been treated justly.

The US supports Somalia in fighting "evil doers," why can't the US cooperate with Syria and Iran against the same enemy? Ref

* * *

The Israelis did a real number on Iraq -- not only prompting the US to illegally invade, but part of the propaganda against Saddam.

Had Saddam been left in power, Palestine and Israel might have been jointly supported.

As with Iran, the Israelis appear more interested in making enemies than in solving problems to reach a lasting settlement.

More evidence the Israelis are the problem, not to be taken seriously when discussing what Iran may or may not do. Israel and the US repeatedly miss the reasonable chances to resolve the issues.

* * *

There's no excuse for asserting, "We're in a war on terror," but remaining blind to solutions to the problem.

When the US opposes Iran and Syria -- despite common enemy -- the objective of US combat operations doesn't appear to be credibly linked with "fighting terrorism," but in arbitrarily using power.

Do not be confused why foreign fighters oppose America: The abuse of power in the name of justice, bur bringing injustice to the Middle East.