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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

DoJ Waives Priviledge on Rendition

Ref DoJ Attorneys have made a blunder: They've asserted that information cannot be discussed because it is classified; and that internal deliberations are protected.

DoJ can thank former White House counsel Brad Berenson for publicly commenting on issues which the DOJ Staff says should be classified or cannot be discussed.

DoJ assertions contradict the rules of evidence. It is illegal to classify evidence of illegal activity. When inadvertently disclosed, all DoJ-White House deliberations on matters related to illegal activity are admissible.

* * *

DoJ Staff counsel have a problem on their hands related to possible obstruction of Justice, violations of ORCON, and requests that disclosed deliberations be suppressed.

The problem DoJ Staff counsel have is that Boeing has openly admitted to be involved with the scheduling Ref; and the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System is part of the public record. Ref It's impossible to classify something that's part of a public appropriation. Rather, it appears more likely that the DOJ Stonewalling is linked more with a desire to suppress evidence of illegal activity.

Once the DOJ Staff and others admitted, in the wake of Hamdan that the prisoners would have to change their position, they've implicitly argued that the original detention procedures and conditions were not consistent with Geneva. These constitute war crimes and may not lawfully be protected, classified, or suppressed.

DoJ Staff also knows about ORCON which prohibits the classification of illegal activity as does the abuse of prisoners.

* * *

The foreign intercepts going into and out of Abraxas, Terremark, and the DoD Classified access to the Intel Link System can be reviewed. Also available are the JROC planning documents, and other details related to the transfer of information through NARUS into Boeing related to the illegal activity, transfer, and shipment of personnel.

Here is what is known, and failing to fully cooperate with inquiry into alleged war crimes can be a subsequent war crime:

1. Boeing is linked, as is Terremark with the alleged transfer of data used to transport and interrogate personnel;

2. SAIC and Titan have jointly showed interest in the NARUS STA systems and have copies of the FOIA questions and issues;

3. Intermediaries linked with Fleishman Hilliard have contract terms which allegedly illegally prevent the disclosure of classified activity, even if that activity is illegal;

4. The Verizon General Counsel did not fully deny the possibility that NSA had access to the Verizon facilities.

* * *

The longer DoJ refuses to cooperate with lawful inquiry, the more We the People may lawfully delegate power to foreign fighters to lawfully engage in like retaliation under the laws of war against US government personnel, DoJ Staff, and others alleged complicit in war crimes.

The German and Italian war crimes prosecutors are aware of the illegal conduct, and are able to make adverse inferences. Foreign fighters may lawfully enter the US to capture, detain, and lawfully remove to The Hague DoJ Staff counsel who refuse to cooperate with lawful inquiry into alleged Geneva violations; and they may also be disbarred.

* * *


DoJ Staff have waived privilege when issues related to rendition have been disclosed. There is no legal foundation for DoJ to prevent discussion of illegal activity; the evidence may not be lawfully classified. Failure to fully cooperate with the Geneva Conventions could be a subsequent war crime. Foreign fighters, under the laws of war, may lawfully target DoJ Staff for alleged complicity with war crimes planning, especially when the DoJ Staff refuses to voluntarily cooperate with an ongoing war crimes investigation into prisoner abuse and illegal kidnapping.

____ How many US citizens were kidnapped using the Boeing flight scheduling system?

____ When did Terremark first learn its fiber optic data systems in Florida were being used to support war crimes planning?

____ Why did the Verizon General Counsel not expressly deny all possible connection the NSA might have with their facilities?

____ When SAIC contractors meet with Abraxas personnel to discuss overseas support through DoD commercial entities, do the contracting staff prefer to meet inside the CIA's McClean Facility, or visit the Abraxas Corporation facilities three miles to the south?

____ Does the DOJ Staff comprehend that the change in position after Hamdan is a fatal admission that the pre-Hamdan detentions were contrary to Geneva?

____ Why is DoJ pretending that Addington and Berenson have not publicly commented on the activities that are allegedly related to foreign support for abuse of prisoners?

____ Why does DoJ attempt to distract the focus from Geneva abuse to the irrelevant definition of torture?

____ What basis is DoJ Staff using to assert that evidence of illegal activity, war crimes, and other alleged violations of the laws of war may be lawfully classified?

____ Does the DOJ Staff comprehend that a refusal to cooperate with a war crimes investigation can be the basis for foreign fighters to lawfully target DoJ Staff for alleged complicity with war crimes?