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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Prospective New Leader Monitoring Criteria

There’s a recurring question floating around: “Where are the leaders.”

* * *

There’s a danger with asking this question, especially when those who ask the question have given little consideration to what they specifically want, or how they’ll measure whether the supposed leaders are real leaders or more of the same.

* * *

Kos and Open Source raised the issue of the leadership vacuum. I thought I’d spend a quick minute outlining some issues you may wish to consider before you join the bandwagon. At worst, the “call for a leader” could be satisfied with a leader that is illusory, bringing more of the same.

If you’re going to openly ask for leadership, make sure you’re in a position to challenge that leadership when they fail; or they are not doing what they should. There is a trap to expecting someone to satisfy your desires, especially when you’re vague, and willing to accept anything.

* * *

There are a couple of problems: A vague criteria for leadership. When people cry for leadership, without specifying exactly what they want or how they’ll monitor this leadership, they’re potentially walking into a trap. The same people who are too lazy to challenge a tyrant are not going to develop criteria to evaluate the alternatives. The trap is to cry for a fast answer without going to the process to review the merits of the answer.

___ What criteria will you use to evaluate the leadership?

___ Why is this criteria valid?

___ What is stopping you from meeting this criteria?

___ Why should someone else do/be something that you’re not willing to do?

* * *

___ Does a leaders solve the problem?

___ Can leaders nurture others to find solutions?

___ Where does the leader take us?

___ What if the leader strays, and stumbles or waivers: How do we correct?

___ Which goals are achievable?

___ How do we recognize when the leadership does or does not have desirable goals?

___ Are we focusing on their words about the goals, or their actions which may support contradictory goals?

* * *

___ What happens if a leader appears, is false, and betrays hope: Isn’t real, based on fraud, and loyal to something else. What are our options or alternatives?

* * *

If there is a transnational revolution, there are many cycles to the changes.

__ Where is the US in this cycle?

* * *

If someone is identified as “the leader”:

___ How does someone decide whether to listen to them?

___ To what e4xtent will we really on cues and responses from the masses about who the leader is; what we should do in response to this leader; or what is an appropriate or inappropriate belief or response to this leader?

___ What if the leader you wanted exists, but nobody listen, you didn’t see it, and could not recognize it?

___ Is a leader someone you find, or do they appear?

___ What is your plan to find the leader you want; or do you have to create this leader from within?

___ Do you have a reason why you have not become the leader that you expect others to become or provide?

* * *

___ What is a better method to screen people on whether they have the best principles at heart?

___ What’s wrong with the leadership screening system and oversight mechanism that gives us what we have – flawed leadership?

___ What’s wrong, what should be excluded, or should be removed; how should the substandard leadership be timely-lawfully removed from the political stage?

___ What’s needed to fix the system to create, nurture, and foster better leadership?

__ What standards, principles must be promoted?

* * *

As America searches for leaders, will it fall into a tramp and accept a fraud or an illusion for an answer?

___ Are you specific with what you are looking for: Certain speeches, ideas, words?

___ What are the problems with the public examples of novel ideas; what would you prefer; have you made your views known; or are you whining for leadership, without calling for specific improvements in what you currently have before you?

___ Is there a reason we are not creating within ourselves the leader we hope exists “out there”?”

* * *

___ What would the leadership give?

___ What would the leader provide that you could not give yourself?

___ What would the leader do: Where would you go, end up, or arrive when your ideal leader led you there; why can’t you do this yourself for yourself?

___ How would you oversee this leader?

___ How would you tell whether you’re going in the wrong direction?

___ What information would you use to monitor whether the leader is or is not swaying?

___ What do you do if the leader betrays the promises, agreements, standards, conditions, or reasonable expectations?

* * *

Before you follow this leader, what information, standards will you use to evaluate the leader?

___ How will you now whether the information, sources, responses, and data used to monitor progress is or is not valid?

* * *

American Leadership

___ If there is no leadership by a person from within, should the US look outside America for new leaders?

___ What kind of goals do you want this leader to address?

___ What are your reasons for wanting “a leader” to do these things, and not rely on yourself?

___ How many disagreements can you have with a leader before they are not longer the leader?

___ How are you going to define the acceptable or unacceptable disagreements?

___ Do you based “valid disagreements” on notions of ideas and debate?

___ Are “invalid disagreements” – ones the leader is not allowed to make – based on laws, standards, and results?

* * *

___ What should leaders provide, show, illustrate, or make clear?

___ If this leader – however they are defined – did appear, would you follow them or ignore them?

___ If the desired leader appeared, what would that leader do that you cannot give yourself:

- reassurance – support – hope – confidence –inspiration – guide

Perhaps you want something other than leadership: Advertising and spin.

* * *

Is this really a “lack of leaders” problem?

What is [a] the real problem [b] this leader would [c] solve or address?

___ Why is this leader in a position to now what “the problem” is?