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Thursday, December 21, 2006

US Government Illegally Sacrifices American Civilians

Government sovereignty is not the same as power.

* * *

Power is the ability to do things. Power can be active or passive.

Ministerial duties are something else. These are specific things than can be done.

We the People are the source of all power. We may lawfully delegate power to foreign fighters the discretion to engage in war crimes against the US government when the US government violates those specific laws of war.

* * *

Power is not absolute. It in finite. Where it is abused, others may lawfully check that abused power.

The US government's problem is, despite illegally using power, it has exhausted the resources it has. Despite saying it can do anything, it still failed. The world sees the limits.

* * *

Members of Congress are gambling with American government personnel lives. Members of Congress know there are illegal combat operations, but there is no end to illegal warfare or the appropriations. This is not lawful, especially when Members of Congress have the power to trump all appropriations with an impeachment. They have refused.

* * *

Power cannot be abused. When it is abused, the enemy may lawfully impose like retaliation against those who abuse power, especially when there are laws of war which apply.

___ What ratio would the US Congress like to see?

___ How many dead Americans engaged in illegal warfare would the US like to see piled up?

___ What is an acceptable ratio of war crimes to war crimes?

___ If American violates one law, how many examples may foreign fighters subject similarly placed American fighters?

* * *

Congress is on notice that your probationary period is coming to a close. Within a matter of days, you will have the power to decide whether to assert your oath, or assent to illegal warfare.

Foreign fighters have been given permission to lawfully target Americans engaged in war crimes. Congress must decide whether the penalties are sufficient to awaken you to your duties, or whether foreign fighters must be given more discretion to inflict more lawful, grave damage.

Congress must end its illegal rebellion. It is irresponsible to wage illegal warfare. Foolish to refuse to end what is not working, and folly to pretend a defeat is salvageable.

* * *

We the People through the laws of war and Geneva Conventions have expressed our desire to impose, through foreign fighters, like retaliation against the US government. Geneva is Our Will. You shall assent to the law, or you shall face more retaliation, reciprocity, and lawfully destruction.

Foreign fighters are permitted to target the infrastructure that supports illegal warfare. If that does not end the Geneva violations, foreign fighters may lawfully destroy the leadership, command centers, and coordinating offices.

This does not call for any American to take action, nor is it a call for violence. Rather, it is merely an assertion of the violence this Congress has asked foreign fighters inflict upon Congress.

* * *

Congress has the power to end illegal combat operations, but refuses. Foreign fighters have the lawful authority from We the People to engage in like retaliation for war crimes.

Congress must decide whether it is with the rule of law and We the People; or for war crimes, and implicitly communicating it accepts the imposing of like abuses against similarly situated US infrastructure, leadership, power centers, and coordination offices.

* * *

Illegal warfare, especially when poorly planned, cannot sustain itself. The error is to permit the leadership to extent combat operations beyond where it is supportable, into a land that requires greater levels of abuse to support, sustain.

Congress has no power to defend itself. The foreign fighters are waging war in Iraq; the lawful theater of operations is in Afghanistan; but the needed defense is far away in the District of Columbia.

___ How does Congress propose moving combat troops out of Iraq, back to DC to defend the capital?

___ What method or miracle does Congress propose using to insulate the District of Columbia from a Naval invasion?

Foreign fighters are not required to coordinate their actions with the NSC or with the NSA. Nor are foreign fighters necessarily going to play by the rules which Congress ignores, refuses to enforce, and has abrogated.

The District of Columbia is not necessarily under an imminent attack. Congress cannot magically transition forces -- that do not exist, are not available, poorly trained, or has insufficient equipment -- to wage combat anywhere.

* * *

We the People may delegate power to foreign fighters to wage lawful warfare against Congress; we may lawfully war Congress that unless impeachment occurs, foreign fighter shall be given the authority and power to target sources of illegal combat.

___ How is this being done?

Geneva permits We the People to delegate to foreign fighters the discretion to lawfully attack US interests; Geneva is the lawful mechanism by which We the People may wage a proxy war, and lawfully destroy Congress.

For each act of war this Congress permits, foreign fighters under Geneva are permitted to engage in like abuses.

___ How many dead American fighters would Congress like to see?

___ What is the ratio that Congress would be willing to accept?

___ For every crime committed, not stopped, and fully funded by Congress, how many similar acts would Congress like to endure?

___ How many attacks would Congress like to be reasonable for, for not having prevented illegal warfare?

___ How many installations would Congress like to illegally fund, knowing fully well the money is supporting illegal warfare?

* * *

We the People have the power to delegate this power, discretion, and opportunity to make a difference to someone other than Congress.

Congress is denied the power to prevent foreign fighters from stopping what is lawful;

Congress is denied the power to protect what is supporting illegal warfare;

Congress is denied the power to pass illegal appropriations for unlawful warfare;

Congress is denied the power to retroactively change laws permitting violations of Geneva.

Congress does this, but many more things which it cannot lawfully do. When you're talking about ethics, it means challenging the likes of Addington and preventing the President from doing what he has no power to do: Waging illegal warfare.

Congress has no power to agree to support illegal warfare.

* * *

We the People through the Geneva Conventions grant, authorize, and expressly permit foreign fighters to act as our proxy, and lay waste to Congress when it becomes unresponsive to the rule of law. There is no requirement that foreign fighters invade, engage in rebellion, or incite an insurrection.

Daily, foreign fighters are laying waste to Congress by their sheer power in mocking what Congress is powerless to prevent:

___ Absurd oversight

___ reckless leadership

___ Ineffectual policies

___ Worthless respect for the laws of war

___ Continued appropriations for illegal things.

IT doesn't matter what a previous Congress approved or agreed with the President. If Congress chooses to still appropriate funds for illegal things, it doesn't matter who controls the House -- the Congress is the center of the war crimes.

* * *

The mocking will continue. Foreign fighters have legitimacy: They respect the rule of law, as evidenced by their assertion of lawful power against an illegal invasion.

Congress is devoid of legitimacy. It can pass any laws, but foreign fighters know Congress is incapable of lawfully waging war; it is only capable of illegally doing what it was never delegated the power to do.

Congress must decide what it is happy with. Congress alone has the power to choose to end what is not lawful, or suffer sustained combat.

* * *

For every American, Iraqi, or Afghan civilian who is targeted, harmed, detained, abuse, or hurt in violation of the Geneva Conventions, We the People grant foreign fighters the discretion, power, and right to lawfully target 10 American combat troops. You will not violate Geneva; if you do, you will be lawfully targeted with like reciprocation.

For every American, Iraqi, or Afghan civilian detained illegally and abused, we grant foreign fighters the power to lawfully target for destruction one command center. You will respect prisoners, regardless their nationality.

Fore every American, Iraqi, or Afghan child abused by US government officials, we grant foreign fighters the power to lawfully target for destruction a military vehicle carrying sensitive information, important leaders, or valuable commodities. You will stop all illegal contracts supporting illegal warfare.

For every American, Iraqi, or Afghan civilian killed under US control, we grant foreign fighters the power to lawfully target for retaliation and reciprocity the command bunkers and communication centers of Flag Officers. You will remove worldwide all command and control centers putting these illegal war plans into effect.

For every American, Iraqi, or Afghan civilian maimed, tortured, or severely harmed while under US government control, we grant foreign fighters the power to lawfully target for like retaliation any US government official who fails to prevent war crimes, or who otherwise is in a position to not fund what is not lawful. You will honor the Geneva conventions, or you will face retaliation for refusing to assert your oath.

* * *

We the People do not ask for violence, nor do we incite violence. The error is the US government that wages illegal warfare.

What choice, other than the recognition of what is lawful, do We the People have to end what is not lawful.

Congress must choose whether it wants to be defeated by proxy; Congress has been destroyed in the court of law and on the battlefield. However, this Congress refuses to end what is not lawful.

We need statements, agreements, and swift resolutions to end all illegal appropriations; if there is no end, then it will continue; if the illegal warfare spreads, then Congress alone is the entity to take responsibility.

The House has complete control over all appropriations. Foreign fighters know this. They have been given permission under the laws of war to lawfully target -- without an invasion, insurrection or rebellion -- all similarly situated US government officials who refuse to end combat operations.

The writ may not be denied. Congress has no power to stop what requires an invasion, insurrection, or rebellion.

This illegal war will be fought, and Congress shall take full responsibility, for the decimation this Congress alone is responsible for not stopping, permitting, and communicating clearly: "We accept what we have done."

You wished this, and it has started.