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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NY Sen Majority Leader Joe Bruno -- Too close to the horse's A$$?

Real estate, horse racing, and prosecutors -- are we talking about "heck of a job"-Michael D. Brown?

* * *

DoJ Operations

Bruno's aware of the investigation, meaning the FBI has been doing quite a bit of work, and the investigation is well underway.

The FBI doesn't engage the target until they're fairly sure they have a case, and they've got their evidence lined up. They'd rather float around in the shadows collecting things, then wait until the last minute before the target can react, respond, or change evidence.

The US attorney generally will not have a say on the matter until there's a formal charge or something fairly close to an indictment. Even after the US Attorney declines to prosecute, the FBI may still keep a case open for years, waiting for something else.

* * *

It's interesting that Bruno's admitted to the investigation, suggesting that the FBI has lined up enough evidence to make a strong case, and they have something that they believe Bruno cannot escape. Obviously, whether the US Attorney can use that evidence is a separate matter and Bruno might be fortunate and face no prosecution.

My idea of "fully cooperating" with an investigator is to walk directly into the FBI office, go on tape, and agree to work with the US Attorney to do the right thing without a lawyer. The fact that Bruno has a lawyer is within his rights, but can hardly be called "fully" cooperating; rather he's "doing what he legally has to do, and probably no more." Depends on how you define, "probably" and "fully".

Notice what he said when asked about his ability to do his job: He didn't say affirmatively yes or no, but focused on whether he was or was not guilty. Even a guilty person could still do their job.

____ Why not answer the question, Bruno: Even if you are guilty, will this investigation impact your ability to do your job? Yes, or no. No one is accusing you of being guilty.

___ Why have you retained a lawyer, but aren't speaking through them?