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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Impeachment, New Constitution, Expanded War Against US Government

The three options on the table are:

1. Impeachment;
2. New Constitution; or
3. Expanded warfare against the US government.


* * *

US Government As A System [Click for Details: Systems Approach of US Governmance ]

Let's take a systems approach to the US government: Systems either change on their own, they react and adjust, or they are lawfully destroyed.

The US system, as it is in place, and as it is distinguished from the Constitution, is based on many flawed assumptions, called logic errors.

One flawed assumption is that the US government and White House will cooperate. There is no need to believe the US government will or will not do anything. It may or it may not.

Despite defeat on the battlefield, the American leadership is unable to decide how to timely adjust. The leadership in Congress, despite the disaster and change in power, is not willing to demand change. Rather, it talks about "going along" and "possibly providing more troops" to what is a dubious proposition.

Bluntly, the entrenched non-sense which the US government used -- or did not use, as the case may be -- to enter Iraq, is at the heart of the indecisions to hold the leadership accountable. This is an error, and a sign of a leadership failure.

* * *

We the People delegated to Members of Congress, the President, and the Judicial Branch the responsibility to separate and check power; and prevent the abuse of power. The US government has failed.

Rather than voluntarily reforming from within, this US government has waged illegal warfare, not stopped the unlawful warfare, and has failed to prevent Geneva abuses. The US government -- as a system -- is out of control.

An out of control system, when it does not respond to legal constraints, will, as we have seen, expand illegal activity, and defy the rule of law, not letting itself be accountable to anything, even a defeat on the battlefield.

* * *

US Citizens are not allowed to advocate the violent overthrow of the US government; nor wage warfare against the government; nor participate in insurrection or rebellion. Rather, foreign fighters are permitted, under the laws of war, to act as the proxy for US citizens and wage war, and lawfully destroy the US government, even if the US Constitution is ultimately preserved or transformed.

The US government is facing a proxy war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because the US government has defied the Constitution, Supreme Law, and laws of war, US citizens should rest peacefully knowing that the object of the attack is not the American people, but the flawed, unresponsive, and reckless US government.

The American Congressional leadership must decide which side of the Constitution they are on: Asserting the rule of law and holding the President accountable for war crimes; or in permitting the additional war crimes to continue. Regardless your choice, the rule of law shall ultimately prevail.

* * *

War crimes prosecutors are well aware of the illegal activity. Members of Congress and leadership in the Executive Branch are under investigation. The leadership must decide whether you will or you will not assert your oath. The longer you delay impeachment -- and needed accountability for the illegal warfare -- the more the proxy war against the US government will continue, spread, and deepen. This war is not a war of civilizations, but against the US government that has abused power.

Members of Congress are not under personal threat; nor is there an imminent plan of direct attack against the US Capitol or White House; nor are specific individuals in the US government specifically targeted. However, if the US Congress and Executive Branch do not agree, under the direction of the Judicial Branch, to fully implement all Geneva Convention requirements, foreign fighters have the lawful option to expand, deepen, and broaden the attacks against the US government, its interests, and resources worldwide.

* * *

If Members of Congress fail to comprehend their duty, they need only read their oath of office. This is not a plea for action; this is a reminder that until you assert your oath -- under this systems approach of governance -- the US citizenry has a reasonable expectation that other actions linked to that oath -- including oversight, responsibility, reviews, audits, and accountability -- will not occur.

American citizens must rest assured the way forward is not to tolerate the continued nonsense and excuses from the US government. Either members of the US government will assert their oaths faithfully; or they will not.

The non-sense of the US government can be measured by the following:

___ Whether the laws of war are or are not fully implemented;

___ Whether there is or is not accountability for war crimes;

___ Whether there is or is not an impeachment;

___ Whether there is or is not a serious discussion about lawfully removing the President from office;

___ Whether there is or is not an open discussion about whether the US, after these many combat defeats, will peacefully permit a lawful settlement be imposed to end combat operations against the US government; or

___ Whether there is or is not a serious discussion about ensuring the systems, institutions, and Constitutional structures are transformed to something that will ensure this abuse of power is never repeated.

* * *

There is a leadership problem in the US government. Despite being defeated, the US government pretends something else; despite having no power to compel -- what the Iraqis call -- patriots to assent to illegal power, the US government pretends it has power.

US citizens, you voted and send a refreshing message to the world: Americans finally got the message: Something needs to change. Unfortunately, members of Congress have not seriously embraced that simple mandate, pretending that they can glacially go along with what the President may choose to do, depending on whether the weather is or is not favorable.

It is the end of December 2006, fully two months after the election, and the Congress has lazily retreated, not finishing its business, and left the US Constitution in tatters. This is unacceptable.

* * *

The US government has lost control of the agenda, mandate, and the power. It is about to lose its Constitutional integrity.

Combat operations will increase. Members of Congress are not specifically targeted. You are free to vote as you choose. There is no insurrection, rebellion, or invasion -- the culprits are in the US government pretending their insurrection and rebellion against the US Constitution does not exist. Foreign fighters see the ruse. They will continue their fight until the US government retreats, is destroyed, or is lawfully transformed to something else that cooperates. The US government no longer has the discretion, time, or latitude to confidently pretend otherwise.

There is new leadership. The leadership cannot rest on the laurels of "new"; change means brining change. Without change, the US government can reasonably expect more of the same -- emboldened foreign fighters; continued attacks against the US government; and more enemies willing to do more daring things to remind the US government it has been defeated. This will continue.

There are alternatives:

____ Impeach the President;

____ Embrace a New Constitution; or

____ Suffer more combat losses.

Those are your options. If you fail to actively choose any of them, the latter will be imposed.

You wished this.