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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iraqi PM Target of US Smear

The President has been feigning memory problems on whether issues are or are not memorable.

Before proceeding, it would be appropriate to put the President under oath.

* * *

Refusing to respond to questions, or recall issues he should recall are grounds to indict a witness for perjury.

Bush's Memory Problems Not Credible

Most likely the President is feigning ignorance on whether there has or has not been a leak investigation because:

(1) The leak was designed to put the Iraqi PM in a bad light, and set the stage for a US-backed coup;

(2) There was no investigation;

(3) The President is not credibly feigning ignorance on a legal issue.

Blaming the Iraqi leadership for US leadership failures is not unusual. What's changed is the fact that the Iraqis look at the insurgents as patriots, and the US occupation as illegal. They are permitted to expand combat operations, especially against a nation whose President feigns ignorance about the rule of law, Constitution, and his obligation to fully implement the Geneva Conventions.

Defeat on the battlefield has left Bush in a coma. Either the House can impeach the incompetent President; or the Iraqi Patriots will broaden combat operations to awaken Bush to reality. Bush chooses denial, defeat, and obfuscation. The Iraqi Patriots aren't waiting for the House leadership to set the table.