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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bush Retreats

Once he was sure, with his delusion, that he was going to win; now the President has retreated, admitting he believes he's winning.

Oh, wait, he's changed his mind again, he's not winning or losing. He's just a loser.

* * *

When someone is a loser, they aren't winning. Government officals abuse power when they:

Lie when they don't have to;

Accuse others of wrong doing, while hoping nobody finds out what they did many years ago;

Says they're "on your side," but they're stabbing you in the back.

* * *

Some might thing this is great politics, others call it competention, however, it's a green light for foreign fighters to engage in reciprocal war crimes.

The worst thing than a bully is a retreating bully who doesn't know he's been defeated. He's going to turn around again and pretend he's a bully. He's going down hard on the political stage.

Which of the DNC poodles are going to pick this bully up, and brush him off? Real change would mean leaving the defeated bully lying on the ground, and rallying your friends to dive in to remind the bully he's been whipped and will face another whipping if he ever does it again.

Not this Congress. They're the same bully. Foreign fighters are ready to do what Congress refuses to do -- bring discipline.