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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iran Enjoys the Defeated US

Iran has lost no time in reminding the US and Israel that Iran has prevailed.

The US is powerless to do anything; even if the US strikes Iran militarily, millions of foreign fighters are poised to retaliate against American interests worldwide.

* * *

Does Iran have a nuclear weapons program? No, it has a nuclear development program. At 3% enrichment-levels, Iran is far from having what Israel and the US have.

What makes Iran's statements striking is the ease to which it knows it can ruffle the minds of Americans. There's no evidence of any nuclear weapons program, but the US and Israeli leadership like to distract attention from their war crimes by pointing to illusory threats.

It doesn't matter if Congress and the American people believe the illusion or the reality. American no longer has the power to compel others to be fearful. Even if the US were to use nuclear weapons against Iran, the world would see that the attack would not be legitimate.

Other nations could lawfully suspend trade, end all economic contacts, freeze financial assets, and cripple America.

When a superpower collapses, but fails understand it no longer has power, the leaders will do stupid things. Americans are outnumbered. You may have nuclear weapons, but you have only one planet. If you destroy one section of the planet with illegal warfare, you have eternity to endure the consequences.

Americans will be mocked more for having been defeated by people living in caves. Perhaps Americans would prefer a world where all live in caves. Your government is prepared to see that happens.