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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alleged American War Crimes Witness: Donald Vance

Mr. Vance, represented by counsel, is in a position to provide evidence related to alleged Geneva violations by US Government officials, contractors, and entities. He has admissible, contemporaneous notes of alleged illegal prisoner conditions as evidence; and has access to counsel, Mike Kanovitz [Chicago].

The War Crimes prosecutor is well aware of the situation: These are alleged violations of the Geneva Conventions.

This information is protected war crimes related evidence. Destruction of this information, or interference with its dissemination could be a subsequent war crime, and may be punishable by the death penalty.

If this were to happen to you, keep the faith: Americans and foreign fighters are working to end this illegal activity.

* * *

Other Evidence

____ Letter Lt. Col. Bradley J. Huestis of the Army, the president of the status board,

____ Copy of Rules. Sample Rule 3 violates Geneva Conventions: “You do not have the right to legal counsel, but you may have a personal representative assist you at the hearing if the personal representative is reasonably available.”

___ Alleged witness: Lt. Col. Keir-Kevin Curry, Task Force 134; sent message traffic via either e-mail or US postal

____ May 2006 Senator Durbin letter to State Dept


Habeas and Mental Competency: If you want to prevent the court from hearing evidence about illegal abuse do you:

____ A. Get Congress to prevent all Geneva Conventions requirements from being enforced, and prevent abused detainees from challenging their abuse?

____ B. Lock the personnel away indefinitely, make them crazy, and make them unfit for trial, ensuring nobody hears the evidence of the abuse?

____ C. Claim the detentions and issues are state secrets, and that any discussion of the Geneva violations would violate US law?

* * *

US Prisoner Abuse Checklist: To induce exhaustion and fear

____ Use steel doors

____ Assign prisoners numbers, do not use their names

____ Deprive prisoner of sensory input

____ Interrupt sleep schedule with questions

____ Keep lights on

____ Use loud music to interrupt rest periods

____ Awaken prisoner at random times

____ Tell them to stand

____ Make stupid rules, punish prisoners for violating non-sense rules

____ Prevent prisoner from mitigating affects of noise and lights on sleep

* * *

Illegal US government Activities

___ Denying all prisoners right to counsel

___ Refusing to permit legal advice on issues related to status, detention, prosecution, or whether the prisoner is innocent or guilty of unspecified charges

___ Detentions without timely review by a court

___ Failing to provide sufficient manpower or training to process prisoners

___ Claiming the US is bringing stability and rule of law, but ignore illegal methods defying the basic principles in the Magna Charta

____ Destroying records and letters from prisoners complaining about treatment; not providing letters through the Red Cross delivery system; intercepting, blocking, and not responding to reasonable prisoner requests under Geneva Conventions.

____ Using vague criteria to claim someone is a threat

____ Assigning stupid FBI agents to investigate

____ Using plastic zip ties [All the metal handcuffs are attached to the ceiling]

____ Using goggles covered with tape [protective goggles broken during interrogation]

____ Denying prisoners protective covering, helmets, and vests [Prisoners are easier to move, and use as shields during IED raids]

____ Warning: If you associate with Americans you can be illegally detained and abused

* * *



___ Bread

___ Powdered drink

___ Fruit [Sometimes]


___ Rice

___ Chicken


___ See lunch Menu

Prison Conditions

____ Cells: no sinks

____ Showers: Irregular

____ Exercise period alone


___ Every night

___ Feet, hands, eyes, head covered

___ Enter on wheel chair

___ Interrogation room: Carpet on walls/ceilings


Interrogators pretend to be from:

___ NSA

___ CIA

___ FBI

___ NCIS

___ DIA

___ Accuse: "We know" "You are"

___ If they know so much, why are they asking questions? Because they're stupid Americans engaged in alleged war crimes, and can lawfully be targeted by foreign fighters with like retribution and reciprocity.


___ Concrete slabs

___ Say all bad conditions are to help prisoners

* * *

____ Witness tampering: Inducing prisoners to keep quiet about the details

____ Fraudulent agreements: Alleged prisoner release only if agree to remain silent bout illegal conduct

Illegal Prisoner Detentions, Reviews, Hearings

____ Three people at the reviews; no name tags: Notice their eyes, style of voice, and identifying features about their appearance [Scars, color of hair, left or right-handed; approximate age, height, weight, demeanor, whether they appear well-fed, exercised, or are malnourished]

____ Cases reviewed without detainees, lawyers not allowed/denied

____ Evidence not provided to prisoners

____ Americans being held without military identification; Red Cross not aware of details

____ Review boards have not worked with Red Cross to communicate with family on status of prisoners

____ Prisoners letters sent take 5 months via Red Cross; most are never delivered/intercepted

____ Time estimates are not linked with credible plans, forecasts, or actions

* * *

Prepare Others To Collect War Crimes Related Evidence

Talk to a publisher, perhaps a book, and start an online support group for Americans who are wondering what might happen if the US military tries to launch a coup.

____ What does the public need to know about what is going on?

____ Can other nations assist?

____ What needs to be said to the UN?

____ The sky is the limit: You can do anything. Don't be silent.

____ Review with counsel the Geneva Conventions and Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunals, along with the Justice Trials [Trials against judges for enforcing illegal laws]

____ Please consider reviewing these tapes and provide public commentary: How were your conditions similar, different; or what about these tapes is the same or different than what you experienced: Ref

Americans are willing to listen. Best wishes.