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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

With Gratitude, I Accept Time's Award as Person of the Year


Thank you for awarding me and 6.8 billion others as your Person of the Year.

I am grateful for your recognition, and am happy that you have given me the opportunity to speak at this presentation.

* * *

I appreciate the chance to share a few thoughts, and am happy that a public comment helped ignite a new spirit of hope in America: American citizens in every state can work together to assert Constitutional power against Congress and the President.

Little did I imagine that on the eve of being denied access to post on one site, the winds of change had been unleashed. I cannot possibly take credit for all the hard work that Americans have unselfishly devoted. Like the award, my blog is a mirror -- about you; and my hope is about what is possible, a free America under the rule of law.

I did not ask to be nominated, nor selected for any special award. Nor did I start writing with the intent that I do anything to get any attention. Public attention has been thrust upon me. Indeed, too much democracy can be bad for leaders -- We the People might know reality, and make more informed decisions. Information is good, thinking is better, and worried leaders are even better.

I do not look at my role as taking people anywhere; my role it to share with others places they may already know, but have not noticed. I've learned the only thing I can offer is my perspective. It is up to America whether it listens, and it has.

This world recognition is, to date, my highest honor, and I can rest peacefully knowing I have left my mark on the world forever. Amazing what happens when one simply calls the truth as one sees it. We are still free, as we shall remain. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who also won. I couldn't have done it without you.