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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

American Citizens Voted For Muslim Leadership

Rep. Virgil Goode,

We the People choose our leadership, and as soverign are the source of all power. If you are not happy with Keith Ellison as our representative, you are free to discuss your views on the record on the House floor.

You have the power to do that. We have the power to elect more Muslims. That is what Americans supposedly brought to Iraq -- the power to elect Muslims to leadership positions. If you are not happy with the voting results, feel free to inspire Americans to vote for something else. You have not succeeded. Try again.

* * *

The way forward might be to close the borders to closed minded white Americans who refuse to accept the full spectrum of democracy: Choice.

Indeed, America should fear Muslims: They might provide a fresh, Muslim perspective to why people who have been invaded have taken up arms -- they are exercising their rights to defend their homeland. Muslims dare to force Americans to confront reality: When Americans refuse to comply with the laws of war; Americans are targeted for lawful retribution. That is very scary. The appropriate remedy is to comply with the laws of war, not blame the messenger.

American values and freedom are not finite resources for us to give or take; they are inherent rights of all people to enjoy. Contrary to your claims that America is or is not defending these principles, Muslims have seen first hand America isn't able to walk the talk on principles. High altitude B-2 bombing can hardly be called a stabilizing force.

The Constitution does not require that the Bible be used; it requires all Members of Congress to swear an oath to uphold the US Constitution and all treaties as the Supreme Law. No religious test may be used.

The walls of America may include the US Constitution and Geneva Conventions, recognizing the right of invaded people to lawfully defend their homes, especially when Members of Congress have allegedly been complicit in refusing to end illegal warfare.

I trust you will accept these words with the spirit that they were intended -- fair notice (a) you and the other 534 Members of Congress are on probation; and (b) remain under war crimes prosecutor investigation for (1) alleged complicity with war crimes planning; and (2) alleged failure to prevent war crimes when you had the power, duty, and specific ministerial duty to act. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Thank you for your thoughts.