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Thursday, December 21, 2006

DoJ Staff Counsel Ethics

Your duty is to the Constitution. Your client is We the People.

* * *

Some of you have the incorrect perception that you may illegally keep quiet about war crimes, fail in your duty to prevent Geneva violations, or assent to illegal warfare.

The US Congress does not have the responsibility to make you do your job. Your oath alone binds you to your requirement to assert the rule of law, and remain loyal to the Constitution.

You are free to work and practice law where you choose. However, you are not free to remain silent while your peers wage illegal warfare, or fail to prevent war crimes.

DoJ OPR must hear from you. You have a legal obligation to assert your oath, regardless your political loyalty to the President. The oath to the Constitution trumps your secrecy oath to keep silent about illegal things.

Foreign fighters know what you are capable of doing -- asserting the law, ending illegal occupation, and protecting the Constitution. You must decide whether it is fair or unfair if you are lawfully targeted by people who perceive you as being instrumental in supporting illegal conduct.

When you choose to pretend that things are not happening; or that things will work themselves out, you are saying that you will let others take the lead, and you will go along with the ride. That is not impressive, and undermines confidence in the legal profession.

These days of turmoil will not last forever. One day, they will end, and history will be written:

___ Did you do what you should have done

___ Were you fully asserting your oath

___ How much did you have to be supervised

___ Could you be trusted to fully implement your oath

___ Can you be trusted to independently do what should be done

___ Is the remedy to your performance problem simply training

___ Do war crimes prosecutors have any sympathy

___ Is the death penalty the reasonable verdict for failing to prevent war crimes when you had the power to act

___ Did you do things that you knew were wrong

___ Did you incorrectly rely on the misinformed to guide you what you "should do"

* * *

Your job as an attorney is one to assert the laws. If you use deception, or abuse power, you can be disbarred; if you engage in illegal conduct, or fail to prevent war crimes, you could be prosecuted; if you destroy evidence of war crimes or fail to report your peer involvement with war crimes you may be adjudicated to have been complicit with war crimes.

The American people outnumber you. You do not have a monopoly on power, money, access, nor time. You can be outlasted. You time on earth is finite.

We the People are the source of all power. Temporarily, you may abuse power; but We the People have an eternal memory:

___ Did you abuse your power

___ Could you be trusted

___ Where was the leadership

___ Who rose to the occasion

___ What must be done to prevent this abuse

There are solutions. New Constitutions have been written. Your leaders are outnumbered. We the People, by a majority, support impeachment; and the same majority can be mobilized to create a New Constitution, form a New Republic, and lawfully exclude you from participation.

New rules can be created. Attorneys can be stripped of discretion. You can be forced to assent to greater oversight. The rules can be changed without notice.

The system you say is permissible -- that imposes war crimes on others -- may lawfully be imposed on you. The law of reciprocity applies. You may be a civilian, but if you are instrumental in implementing illegal policies, you may be found to be complicit.

The courts are powerful. You know this. They can deprive people like you of their life, liberty, and happiness. You can be made very unhappy. Each time you permit one American to be abused, Iraqi insurgents may lawfully target 10 US military personnel.

The way forward is to realize that for every American civilian that is harmed, 10 American government officials engaged in illegal combat operations may be lawfully targeted by the Iraqi insurgency in lawful warfare.

American lawyers must decide: Whether you want to continue as an independent profession, and retain discretion to self-regulate; or whether you want to have new rules imposed; or whether the extreme hardship of lawful combat operations is required.

If you would like We the People to be on your side, you simply need to choose to assert your oath. It may be difficult, but consider this: If you assert your oath you will not be popular; if you do not assert your oath, you will not be popular. Do you see the common element? No matter what you do, you will not be popular. Popularity is not relevant -- the only relevant issue is your oath to the US Constitution.

Americans are capable of reading the rules of evidence, overseeing your education, asking whether you are or are not fully asserting your standards of professional conduct. If you have to be closely monitored, this means less informed people have to do what you refuse to do -- Assert the rule of law. If that is what is required, then you do not need to be paid; nor can you command salaries.

You can be audited; your work products publicly reviewed and commented; and your professional can lawfully be destroyed and transformed into something less favorable to your alleged joint conspiracy to ignore the Constitution, support this illegal rebellion, or do nothing about your government's illegal insurrection against the US Constitution.

You are finite. We the People are many. Combat operations are increasing. You do not have to be confused: They are increasing because you and your peers refuse to end what is not lawful; and have jointly agreed to support illegal warfare.

Your problem is that you have left the familiar land of the laws, and have entered the unfamiliar land of combat operations. Your leaders have already been destroyed, defeated, and have run out of options. The error was to refuse to obey the rules of the lawful forum; and pretend the defeat was something else. You made a poor choice, especially the moment you pretended that illegal warfare would be something you might better accomplish.

America learns that lawyers make poor commanders; and they are very convenient targets for lawful insurgents attempting to lawfully destroy forces which are instrumental in putting into effect violations of the Geneva Conventions.

You have no army. You have no law. You have no ethics. You have no integrity. The battle has not yet begun. We the People have already won, but we are fully prepared to ensure you are lawfully destroyed regardless the forum you choose, or the excuses you make.

We the People are the source of all your power. We may lawfully destroy you regardless the forum you choose. We the People and the Rule of Law shall prevail.

You wished this.